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#MeToo: Why NO means NO

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Mens Rights Pune
Justice for men as well. HANG ALL FALSE RAPE ACCUSERS
by Mens Rights Pune on Apr 24, 2018 08:23 PM

Justice for men as well. HANG ALL FALSE RAPE ACCUSERS

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Women harrassment
by KARAN on Oct 20, 2017 08:08 AM

It true but sad that women harrassment is there from time immemorial.But instead of taking more effective steps to reduce these,interms of blocking all nude and intimate scenes from internet,girls and women dressing such that their assets are leaving not much to the imagination of the viewer,donot roam around at midnight in the name of freedom,these activists cry all the time.

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shubhadip sen
True Why Boys Always To Be Blamed
by shubhadip sen on Oct 18, 2017 12:56 AM

This Happens to boys as well sexual harassment is not one sided even so many young men are victims now society needs to change its attitude guilty needs to be punished and decision should not be gender specific

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Pen diamond
Nothing wrong in asking girls to sit properly
by Pen diamond on Oct 17, 2017 04:40 PM

Every child needs to be discplined

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by nova on Oct 17, 2017 04:34 PM

Sure NO means NO!
But how do we know, many a times I have experienced that NO meant YES.

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