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'I hope I don't repeat my old mistakes'

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Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan
by piri on May 18, 2017 10:43 PM

and Amitabh Bachan of India are two among the host of people implicated in the huge Panama Papers scam - whereby they spirited away huge sums of money abroad after evading tax payment in their respective countries !

This alone ought to have derailed their careers and made them indisputable persona non grata in the eyes of common people in their countries.

Yet, the huge amounts they stole from their respective countries (by evading due taxes), instead of knocking them off celebrity status and pushing them into trial and imprisonment, have had no effect at all on those crores of people who adore them in India and Pakistan !

Just one more sign of how identically and monstrously stupxid Indian and Pakistani commoners are !

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