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Karan Johar sounds like Sakshi Maharaj!

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K Jo thinks Bollywood is his fathers property
by Kuldip on Mar 07, 2017 11:42 PM

K Jo thinks Bollywood is his fathers property, all these star kids or Bollywood cosy club kids, like Sallu, Sonam, etc etc., think alike, that they are the last word in Hindi film Industry. They have serious contempt for all others who do not conform to this cosy group, look at this BJP/RSS like audacity of asking a damsel to leave the Industry just because she told the truth which hurt him where it hurts most. This cosy club would never like to be exposed just like our Industrialists, they will continue to dish out trash which they have been doing for generations, just because good film makers find it so difficult to come up, just as good citizens find it near impossible to stand in elections.

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Nitin Gurmukhani
Well Written Article
by Nitin Gurmukhani on Mar 07, 2017 10:55 PM

I really liked your article, keep up the good work

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vinod kumar pillai
u never understood what Karan Meant!!!
by vinod kumar pillai on Mar 07, 2017 10:51 PM

Dear SFA, Kangana from the very beginning has been complaining about just everything in Bollywood, she perhaps has complaints about everyone in Bollywood , Hritik , Shahid , Karan...list is endless...he only said if u dont like it here stay away, than complaining. Its like one saying i dont like my home, so Big brother said, dont complain , u dont like it here...stay where u like...but dont complain...

U will not understand...u perhaps look too obsessed with kangana so u will not like my comments either!

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