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When Om Puri deserved an Oscar

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by Trend setter on Jan 07, 2017 09:09 PM  | Hide replies

He was a womaniser.

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Re: He
by on Jan 08, 2017 08:48 AM
You are stuxpid&durtyFellow. Is that all you remember about someone who is gone?

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Selvaraj Saravanakumar
No Language but the mere attraction
by Selvaraj Saravanakumar on Jan 07, 2017 06:07 PM

“Om Puri” is one of the few Bollywood personalities who has impressed me from early 1980’s onwards. Irrespective of the language barrier, Doordharshan is the only visual media being admired and acclaimed between the INDIAN mass during that era. Thus personalities like Om Puri, Renuka shahane, Siddharth Kak, Nashrudin Sha, Rakesh Roshan, Neena Gupta, Sharukhan, Smitha Patil, Deepti Naval, etc. were few of the remembered images & names during my school days.

Even though the language being a barrier I use to watch their movie, songs etc., and be as a sincere disciple of these personalities; Certainly OM PURI is a remarkable personality who has overcome a lot from his childhood hurdles and excel in his profession, which is surely possible only with a dedicated work. I could say that the there is still a lot to derive from OM PURI, but it’s all over.

Rest in Peace.

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Shridharan Krishnan
Thank you
by Shridharan Krishnan on Jan 06, 2017 04:24 PM

Thank you Nanditaji for this insight to such a remarkable and unforgettable personality. We were lucky and fortunate to have been able to see and experience Shri Om Puri ji's work, and what a marvelous body of work! Thank you a million times.

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mansoor baig
Om puri ji
by mansoor baig on Jan 06, 2017 01:36 PM

Bollywood orphaned by the sudden demise of actor Om Puri ji.RIP versatile actor.

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