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One of Great Actor
by santosh_123 on Jan 07, 2017 12:41 PM

He is one, who worked really for pride and not for money....

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by ARUN HABIB on Jan 07, 2017 09:40 AM


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neeraj kulkarni
An truly amazing artist
by neeraj kulkarni on Jan 06, 2017 07:14 PM

RIP, artist par excellence.

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by pratiknidhi on Jan 06, 2017 05:13 PM

film current come in 1992 was my favourate film in parellel cinema.

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Sane Voice
Om Puri
by Sane Voice on Jan 06, 2017 02:53 PM  | Hide replies

Om Puri was undoubtedly the most versatile actor Indian cinema has seen. What ever is the role, he used to handle it with aplomb. His was an acting devoid of meaningless dance movements and dialogues with double-meaning. His dialogue delivery effectively complemented his facial expression. Indian film goer has to be satisfied with his old movies hereafter.

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jayendra gawas
Re: Om Puri
by jayendra gawas on Jan 07, 2017 09:43 AM
Om puri had also done wrong and foolish statement against our military,foolish person on puri and even nasruddinshah

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Re: Re: Om Puri
by P S SHAH on Jan 07, 2017 01:56 PM
He had guts and courage to come on TV debate show and apologise sincerely for his mistake.

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kalyan krishnan V R
On Puri
by kalyan krishnan V R on Jan 06, 2017 02:51 PM

RIP Om. There cannot be another like you. Ardh Satya was one of my favourites

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thanks thanks
Great Actor
by thanks thanks on Jan 06, 2017 02:49 PM

One of my favourites ; will miss him in films ;
passed away so early ,
a very special actor with such real unforgettable eyes;

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mansoor baig
One n only Om Puri saab
by mansoor baig on Jan 06, 2017 02:48 PM

Om ji was Om ji no one can be like him, an actor par excellence, he was his own competitor.With a heavy heart I have to say RIP Om ji.

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