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first picture
by on Jan 07, 2017 10:20 PM

headlights gettig brighter,stomach getting bigger..

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Mohamed Fameen
by Mohamed Fameen on Jan 04, 2017 08:28 PM

Actress are popular by showing off their figures in indecent ways. They should Learn from the girl actors in "Dangal"

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what tamanna?
by dna on Jan 04, 2017 11:45 AM  | Hide replies

one of the flop actress.loose talk against kannada people? only bahubali (even a horse is hero).it is said that whole karnataka will ban her films

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ravi kumar
Re: what tamanna?
by ravi kumar on Jan 07, 2017 02:06 PM
what is wrong..kannad people are loose... no morals

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Animesh Das
Re: Re: what tamanna?
by Animesh Das on Jan 10, 2017 04:48 PM
Fact is all people from SouthIndia are selfish

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