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Oscars 2017: Like Priyanka Chopra's outfit? VOTE!

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by Viren on Feb 28, 2017 10:00 AM

Priyanka lost her identity in razzmatazz of Hollywood. BTW, her dress is a straight adoption of cushions in drawing room.

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keep her cool
by bhaskar on Feb 27, 2017 08:33 PM

She is a game changer and get married to Trump or his son.

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Navneet  Bhatnagar
by Navneet Bhatnagar on Feb 27, 2017 01:41 PM  | Hide replies

Share the cushion cover with others please

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Sandeep R Patil
Re: dress
by Sandeep R Patil on Feb 27, 2017 02:02 PM
agreed , we hope there is diffrence between you ( pc) and sunny leone

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parimala sawakar
Re: Re: dress
by parimala sawakar on Feb 27, 2017 06:55 PM
They are sailing in the same boat one with costly & other less costly covers

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by on Feb 27, 2017 01:14 PM  | Hide replies

you are a bold lady...so be bold to shed even the cushion cover on your chest...afterall its an anatomical part of the human body ...one does not have to be ashamed of it.

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raj kumar
Re: dress
by raj kumar on Feb 27, 2017 01:20 PM
well said.

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Re: dress
by Rahul on Feb 28, 2017 01:56 PM
She will have 2 tiny lemons underneath those cushion covers..if she sheds :D

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