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The explosion at sea: How The Ghazi Attack got made

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jogarao s
The explosion at sea: How The Ghazi Attack got made
by jogarao s on Feb 08, 2017 05:08 PM  | Hide replies

Sir: At that time, I was awake to hear important announcement by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then PM and at 11-30 PM,the PM announced that Pakisthan attacked India and India has to declare war. Within half an hour we heard a big sound, and there was a small jerk of my table lamp.
My remembrance was: The Indian Navy sent all the War ship in the Naval Base as the Harbour channel was the only exit way, in the after-noon itself. They dropped/employed depth-charges. The PN GHAZI was lurking on the other sde of Yarada Hill (now a new port is there) and waiting for time to enter the harbour area late in the night. Due to the floats of depth charges, the PN Ghazi came in contact with the charges and then blasted off. The Pak Navy personnel's bodies were also thrown on to the beach. Thereafter, we were all following the ARP sirens etc. during night times, and the Eastern Navy Chief Vice Admiral Krishnan even broke 101 Coconuts at Sri Sampat Vinayakar Temple on Aaseelmetta - Siripuram Road.
This is for information of your readers and also for Mr. Reddy to see that his film is nearer to reality.

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Re: The explosion at sea: How The Ghazi Attack got made
by BS on Feb 23, 2017 11:09 AM
Sir, this must have been a great moment for you to cherish the victory of Indian Navy. However this movie has completely twisted the story.

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