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Cuteness alert: Taimur turns one!

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viswanath n
Taimur is not eating today
by viswanath n on Dec 21, 2017 09:18 PM  | Hide replies

Dear Rediff, i heard that Taimur is not well today .. can you please check and publish more news on that.

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Re: Taimur is not eating today
by AC on Dec 24, 2017 07:55 PM

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TimurAliKhan is a FutureTerrorist
by NEO HITLER on Dec 20, 2017 03:00 PM

TimurAliKhan is a FutureTerrorist

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Irish verma
Didn't find anything better?
by Irish verma on Dec 20, 2017 02:19 PM

Shame really, rediff.com is there a need to make a noise how a kid from a celebrity couple has turned one? Is it an achievement or what? Or is he the only one year old who is cute? C\'mon guys, can you stoop to such low levels to gain website traffic that you have to shop in the topmost tier of your webpage? This is what our media has become- celebrating marriages and birth of celebrity couples and their offsprings? Those celebrities who have done nothing of note for this nation or for the upliftment of backwards. All they have done is named their cute product after a ruthless mughal dynast who disrespected this country.

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by KumarShashiRaj on Dec 20, 2017 02:06 PM

What Rediff?
How lowly your news has been?
You just not find anything.
Is it a news?
How, why?
You cant find better news?
Taimur birthday?
More than pathetic.
Highlighting Taimur birthday, Aradhya birthday, Abram and many more..
What are you trying to?
Just pathetic..
even more than that.

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by sharma on Dec 20, 2017 02:01 PM  | Hide replies

How do this family own a palace when all the territories of india united in 1947 and all kingdom were abolished. so much wealth of hindu kings was seized by government. why is this family spared, what have they done for freedom of this nation

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Message deleted by moderator
bimal mohapatra
by bimal mohapatra on Dec 20, 2017 02:00 PM  | Hide replies

Highlighting Taimur will contribute to social polarisation in India.

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Re: Taimur
by NECO BANGALORE on Dec 20, 2017 02:08 PM

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Re: Re: Taimur
by sharma on Dec 20, 2017 02:22 PM
exactly. MR bimal is making the point, its the fathers mentality, and this is what he will be taught.

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by sharma on Dec 20, 2017 01:57 PM

why name him taimur. this shows the mentality that we will rape your women, kill you, convert what will you do

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by sharma on Dec 20, 2017 01:53 PM

this is DNA is corrupted

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vyas gopal krishan naresh
breaking news
by vyas gopal krishan naresh on Dec 20, 2017 01:42 PM

wah wah kya alert hai
next year ke liye abhi se tayaari chalu kar do

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