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sreepathi prasad
akshay bday
by sreepathi prasad on Sep 10, 2016 11:33 AM

a versatile actor par excellence .underrated superstar
one of the best of his times. happy birthday akshay

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pyarelal laxmikant
by pyarelal laxmikant on Sep 09, 2016 02:33 PM


The So-Called Superstars In Bollywood Today Are LikeCIGARETTES. You Are TheButt.

And TheButt Stays. The Rest Go Up InSmoke.

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Manohar Rao
Akshay Kumar
by Manohar Rao on Sep 09, 2016 01:10 PM

Ek superstar ka damad, superstar hi ho sakta hai. Akshay is truly a versatile actor, unlike Khan klans who can only do certain genere of cinema, Akshay has proved that he can do any genere of film like comedy,thriller,horror,action,romance,adventure,drama, suspense you name it and he might done it. He is a hard worker too, he works in at-least four films in a year, this helps in Bollywood to chug it wheels and give employment to many who are directly or indirectly involved with film industry. On the other hands the Khans are very selfish who in name of perfection works in only one film in one or two years, which in no way helps Bollywood.

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Dileep Sharma
hbd wishes
by Dileep Sharma on Sep 09, 2016 12:32 PM

happy birth day super khiladi

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