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saran gandhi
by saran gandhi on Nov 08, 2016 02:18 PM

My thoughts found words at last....
Every single politically correct attempt at movie making, to highlight so-called societal malfeasance, has turned out to be some kinda "us vs them" charade, without showing the mirror to "the us".
Way to go, great article ( a little disjointed in sentence making for simple minded souls like me)...

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j v ramana
clarifications please
by j v ramana on Nov 08, 2016 12:17 PM

Mr Sreehari Nair
After reading through this article couple of times, I could not stop myself seeking a straight forward clarifications for the following points:
(a) Are you suggesting that today's working women as depicted in the film are not harassed by culture less goons loitering in the society?

(b) Is it really wrong to bring out this social stigma through powerful medium like films?

(c) Why do you want to highlight about north indian lounda? As a viewer of the film I simply feel that the movie back drop is New Delhi and hence the characters.
Similar sort of experiences are borne by working women in almost all cities of India

and finally

(d) Are you advocating that there is absolutely no male domination in the society ? If so why there are in numerous accounts of abuse, harassment and even rapes are reported? Don't you think its because of perverted human psyche these horrible things are pervading in society

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