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by peramma on Nov 07, 2016 09:51 AM  | Hide replies

over all movie is good. special attention to be mentioned for sukanya who left hindi movies is a great actress who has seen with nana in taxi no 9211.Rajesh's introduction was too good. nice comedy at serious moments.Over all it is a family entertainer.

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Vaidyanathan Iyer
Made by an uncaring crew!!!
by Vaidyanathan Iyer on Nov 05, 2016 06:08 PM  | Hide replies

This was shot at Kohinoor hospital when the hospital was full of patients, was a major nuisance to patients and their relatives. They would keep moving you from one sofa to the other just for their convinience. My father who's a senior citizen also fell down on the granite flooring because his feet got tangled in the wiring which was all over the place. The goons did not even have the courtesy to apologize or tend him first aid. All the care shown in the movie is just to earn money, these film makers have no morale.

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radha vaidyanathan
Re: Made by an uncaring crew!!!
by radha vaidyanathan on Nov 07, 2016 09:50 AM
Artist has no religion, no country. Hence no law

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bangalore town hall fighters sleeping
by gentalman on Nov 05, 2016 05:42 PM

Another gruesome killing.mR ravi bjp worker hit on head died on spot.It is cm siddu constituency mysore.last week kerala popular muslim front chief arrested

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Sunil Vaidya
by Sunil Vaidya on Nov 04, 2016 08:49 PM  | Hide replies

the song baba is sung by priyanka chopra....

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Nagendra Prasad
Re: hi
by Nagendra Prasad on Nov 05, 2016 02:20 PM

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