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Dont watch Traitors movies anymore
by gottachange on Nov 14, 2016 07:27 AM

Dont watch Traitors movies anymore, not even on TV. Noo to Pakistanis!, and the people who support them.

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rajan mehta
Karan Johar
by rajan mehta on Nov 07, 2016 08:36 PM

Except for K3G, other movies were average. His movies are good for beautifulforeign locations, good music and good star-casts.His latest movie ADHM was a big disappointing film. It has wasted good star casts, good music and good foreign locations but there is no story. Karan Johar thinks he has magic touch but doesn't realise that a good movie has to have good story base.

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ricky thakur
All boring
by ricky thakur on Nov 06, 2016 11:03 PM

Only KKHH & K3G were box office hits. Others bombed at box-office. SOTY was average. It would be rather tough to choose worse director between RGV & KJO.

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Suresh Jha
3rd Class Movies
by Suresh Jha on Nov 05, 2016 06:04 PM  | Hide replies

All are 3rd Class movie from 3rd Class Gud Director!

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Anil Dhuri
karan johar
by Anil Dhuri on Nov 04, 2016 02:58 PM  | Hide replies

none of his films have johar
They were hit because of Songs
Sans songs his movies are super flop like him

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devendra gupta
Re: karan johar
by devendra gupta on Nov 04, 2016 04:35 PM
Roy - film have a very hits song but was flop. Don't give baseless reply

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Mihir Shah
Re: Re: karan johar
by Mihir Shah on Nov 04, 2016 08:47 PM
Roy was never Karan film

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