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Swarup Saikia
by Swarup Saikia on Nov 20, 2016 01:52 PM

you are comparing with box office collection only, which is wrong because money value have changed a lot over the years. The most successful action film is Sholay, if I am not wrong. Others may be Ghayal, Arjun, Khiladi, etc.

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manibala kumar
by manibala kumar on Nov 06, 2016 07:24 PM

Rediff has got it wrong. Action movies should not be based on box office collections. But based on real action. Where are Akshay Kumar's Khiladi series films which contained dare devil action sequences? Akshay is the only action hero in India.

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by Mayank on Nov 03, 2016 06:00 PM

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