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PIX: Bachchans, Randeep, Richa attend Sarbjit screening

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RMK Proprietor
Debate betwwen Bollywood stars & Comman man
by RMK Proprietor on May 20, 2016 08:29 AM

Show- Kapil Sharma Show
Sunil grover- (Character Psycho doctor), who has implanted goat kidney.
Q1- When there is no entertainment in movie/ movies why we have to pay entertainment tax.
Ans- Akki Paajji,AB Baby & Deshmukh. Hum Batathe hain, hum bathathe hain. & move towards doctor's seat & thrash him.
RMK-it seems to be one of those posts where Mallmam was unspared for not having paid his Service Tax dues, wherein step to step process regarding ST Pyt & returns, & how the pyt will benefit the Nation was mentioned.???

RMK Proprietor

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