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Salman Khan's 'raped woman' comment lands him in trouble

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Sallu should have used his brains
by Yenoley on Jun 23, 2016 03:47 AM

Only The Bea_u_tif_u1 (Or a combination of Be_a_ut_y with Arr_0ga_nce type of) W_0_m_e_n get to be M0_1e_st_ed, Not the Ug_1y looking ones - They will be ignored and spared the hum_i1ia_ti0n.

That is why in Ani_ma1s they don't have 5_e_x_u_a1 Restrictions, they can Enjoy with any number of partners - As in Birds & Animals (Both Ma_1es & Fem_a1es) are normally uniformly Good L00king and only their identification is by sm_e11 and different types of scents.

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The guy expressed a feeling of being beat up.. is that wrong...
by Suresh on Jun 21, 2016 08:44 PM

Are we living in a Feminist world. A girl can talk about rape but a guy cannot. Are you feminist saying that only a girl knows the pain of rape and there is nothing equivalent or more than rape? For everyone their pain is more than the other. Pain is not always physical, it can be mental as well. So this guy was emotional when he said he felt like being rap3d when he came out of the ring. But he clearly understands the pain. He atleast did nto say he feel worse than being rap3d. So please cut slack and be realistic.No one is supporting rap3. Definitely not him. He just spoke what came to his mind at that time. Tell me honestly, that none of you have ever said anyting that is so mean, but came out of your mouth but never really meant it that way? What is that popular term these days.. being intolerant?!!

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Vijay Sahani
Controversy 10 days before his film release.
by Vijay Sahani on Jun 21, 2016 07:27 PM

This is a self created deliberate controversy. Every marketing company knows that controversy is the best marketing. Just look at Udta Punjab. He had made this statement 2-3 weeks back. But i guess media was busy with other things including promoting Udta Punjab.

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