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Heard of this , their's a project which serves everyone in India
by Sunny on Jul 18, 2016 01:36 PM

Login to My Family Doctor at myfamilydoc dot co dot in & get 50% Discount on any test at any Diagnostic Lab/MRI/ CT scan centre of your choice in your city anywhere in India. NO CONFUSING CASHBACK or unnecessary health package type offer, GET DIRECT DISCOUNT EVEN ON A SINGLE TEST.

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Sumit Ganguly
Big Release
by Sumit Ganguly on Jul 18, 2016 12:24 PM

Apparently you chose to be non boring on the eve of your Big Release....
In this days everyone knows being controversial over boring sells!

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by JOCKEYchan on Jul 16, 2016 12:54 PM  | Hide replies

...When You Don’t Say Anything, You’re Boring.

When You Say Something, You’re Not Tolerated.

Do One Thing.

Shut Your Mouth And Speak.


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sonu singh
Re: SALMANbhai...
by sonu singh on Jul 18, 2016 01:32 PM
Why are you saying that?
What wrong he did?
If sleeping laborer hits his car, why he will take blame?
He don't know how to fire, in fact black deer fired on himself, what is his fault?
Woman's are just an object for him, why he apologize?
He is the biggest innocent of this century & he never commit any crime.
Joke of the century "5 laborer were hit by a innocent vehicle driven by an innocent driver. So they were given life penalty for sleeping on pavement.

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devendra gupta
Re: Re: SALMANbhai...
by devendra gupta on Jul 18, 2016 04:38 PM
good joke

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