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rajendra tare
Censor Board
by rajendra tare on Aug 31, 2016 09:16 AM

What is obscene and what is presentable, have a very fine line which is very fuzzy apparently. One has to follow a simple principle, evaluate, what is good for society. Songs sung in some marriage functions in some areas of the country are very vulgar, but these are sung in private and on very special occasions. If a film maker reproduces these songs and these are played openly, naturally rather than entertainment, it will create ill effects.
Leave all this to censor board. let them do their job.
Film makers are not for society, they are there for making quick money.

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You have thrown your share of dirt in the society
by THANGAVELU on Aug 31, 2016 08:13 AM

If everyone things that he is street smart to make money, then there is no end. Rules are to be rigid. There are other category of escort films.

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Film sensorship
by KARAN on Aug 30, 2016 08:40 AM

The anger of this film maker is very misplaced because sensor board has a totally different objective.Every film maker believes that his film is work of art.Even a blue film maker thinks that he is capturing the beautiful part of the girl tastefully.But sensor board had to keep the fragile balance between sensibilities of the nation as it is perceived by an average citizen and the spirited view of the Film maker.At the end of the day the filmaker is a student and the sensor,the examiner and hence sensor view is to be taken as told and justify based on the value system set by the sensor.Many will say a naked girl scene is natural and hence sensor board should not object.Now the acid test could be if the filmaker will shoot such a scene with his family members.The answer will tell the truth who is wrong.

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