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Oopiri is a blockbuster!

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oopirie or thzosha...very good attempt...people's choice
by on Apr 07, 2016 05:50 AM

its a very good movie after a long-long time.director vamsy deserves the best prize in the world.one has to see the film to appreciate it better.karti,tmaanna,anushka,shreya and the majestice role of nagarjuna are at their best at the hands of director.screenplay.cinematography,sound and storyline is simply superb and leaves an impact on audience to think positively on their lives and solutions to it in a natural way,indeed a \'must see movie\' for all because, as in fazil,rishidha,kodi, there is no violence and jarry music.i wish such attempts in film making a welcome step,even though its a borrowed ome.kudos.prof sarma.chennai

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