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Review: Katti Batti is embarrassingly bad

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Real Indian
Imran Khan is a flop star
by Real Indian on Sep 22, 2015 07:24 AM

It it's an Imran film, then definitely it would be a flop, because he is the flop star of India.

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by Ankursood on Sep 21, 2015 11:00 AM

Kangana Act So Awesome. I Love Kangana

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kanchan sharma
super hit movie
by kanchan sharma on Sep 21, 2015 12:58 AM

no chance any criticism

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kanchan sharma
super hit movie
by kanchan sharma on Sep 21, 2015 12:57 AM  | Hide replies

no chance any criticism

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Prashant Thakur
Re: super hit movie
by Prashant Thakur on Sep 21, 2015 06:52 PM
Where do you live mate? India?

Come back please 'coz it has bombed.

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Success of mere 2 films got to the head of Kangana Ranaut
by tejas on Sep 19, 2015 12:56 PM  | Hide replies

Kangana Ranaut, who was flying in the air after the success of only 2 films Queen and Tannu Weds Mannu Returns, now will come down to earth by this disastrous nonsense film.
The way she was talking in the social media and press, praising herself by her own and unnecessarily criticising other actresses like Priyanka, Deepika etc,as if she is the only great actress left in the industry, it looked like the success has gone to her head.
She must realise that she is not Salman/ShahRukh/Aamir Khan who can make any nonsense story/direction/screenplay a superheat and adorable just on the basis of her sheer star power or charismatic screen presence.
It proves that she must need one extremely talented director like Vikas Behl, a very good story like queen, a very good screenplay and a good plot to make a film watchable. Otherwise she looks as avoidable as many of the other Bollywood actresses.
Before criticising actresses like Priyanka Chopra, she must know that before Queen and Tanu Weds Mannu she was considered as an ordinary actress and some of her films are not even watchable and she has lot to prove to get to the level of Priyanka who has already proved her versatility in many of her films.

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M S Dhoni
Re: Success of mere 2 films got to the head of Kangana Ranaut
by M S Dhoni on Sep 19, 2015 07:36 PM
kangana at present along with vidya_balan is the only actress who had very good films like gangster_raaztmc_TWM_wo lamhe_metro_onceUponATime in mumbai which no other actress has done. she deserves good actors not eyebrow nonactors like imran_khan :)

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don dicosta
what is this big immoral marrige with gowda
by don dicosta on Sep 18, 2015 08:02 PM

I am from north but bangaloreans are hating so much of one ex prime minister who is said to be close with cpi,cpm had discusstion to fight congiee suddenly went sonis and waited for 6 hrs to meeat.he is supposeedd to have begged conigi his reival siddu to join the party.anyway good news for diggi to get married after good lootmoney from bangalore elections( he married as soon as unehtical co marrige annonced)

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Chandran KR
by Chandran KR on Sep 18, 2015 07:07 PM

I will still see it for Kangana.

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dharani rao
katti batti
by dharani rao on Sep 18, 2015 06:27 PM  | Hide replies

Imran Khan is a fake actor and is riding as a parasite on his uncle's( Amir Khan) fame. He is a dud actor , utterly expressionless and poses as an intellectual , which he is certainly not !

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mihir mehta
Re: katti batti
by mihir mehta on Sep 18, 2015 09:13 PM
its forcefull promotion of useless good for nothing starkids with no ability
whether the audience accepts them or rejects them

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