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anand potdar
Trailer review---Marketing is the king
by anand potdar on Jul 27, 2015 02:03 PM

There was a time ,way back in 70s,80s and 90s when a release of a film (Hindi or English) used to be treated like a celebration . A full fledged trailer during the respite and the final release.
In the last 15 odd years , the entire scenerio connected with a film has under gone a sea change. The makers of the film started focusing on endless gimmicks to market, to sell the film, to advertise films in such a way that it is being involuntarily hammered on audience and media"s psyche.
Presently, we witness distinct tamasha before the film reaches the theatre or multiplex. The entertainment readers are bomborded with an plethora of poster review,teaser review, Trailer review, another trailer review and ultimately the movie"s review. Sometimes the marketing budget surpasses the total cost of the film.Still we stand standstill.Only the content runs.Off course reviews do push a movies talk to a certain extent but at the end of the day it is total package works in favour of the box office.

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