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'I worked in a dhaba, selling omelettes, before I signed All The Best'

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Great Work
by on Jul 08, 2015 11:52 AM

Mishraji the diolouge "Arre nahi re pagle" from all the best always bring smiles to us. Thank you for making us laugh and smile by your simplicity.

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vivek  chatterje
by vivek chatterje on Jul 08, 2015 11:07 AM

Your dialouge \" CHILL YAR\" has become a boost drink for me at any hard hours of mine this line soothens me.

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madu uppar
Great Actor
by madu uppar on Jul 08, 2015 10:30 AM

No Doubt you are a great actor. I like you truly

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Rahul Bhardwaj
I watched Aankho Dekhi 10 times and cried every time.
by Rahul Bhardwaj on Jul 07, 2015 10:54 PM

I watched Aankho Dekhi 10 times and cried every time. You really lived a character in that movie. I was in love with that character. You are wonderful hero...Please keep on doing good work.

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M S Dhoni
great act0r
by M S Dhoni on Jul 07, 2015 07:18 PM

finally g0t deserving recognition :)

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vimal mishra
Amazing actor
by vimal mishra on Jul 07, 2015 06:52 PM

You are amazing actor Sir...:) Keep doing grate work for us.

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Umesh Verma
Mishra & amlet
by Umesh Verma on Jul 07, 2015 06:02 PM  | Hide replies

Being pandit why you sold Amlet in your Dhaba.

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Re: Mishra & amlet
by Krishna on Jul 08, 2015 04:54 PM
His favourite dish is Non-veg...

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siddharth pandey
Re: Mishra & amlet
by siddharth pandey on Jul 08, 2015 10:12 AM
how does that matter????

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pyarelal laxmikant
by pyarelal laxmikant on Jul 07, 2015 02:50 PM



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imran ahmed
Mishra ji rocks
by imran ahmed on Jul 07, 2015 02:30 PM

Mishra ji you are a wonderful actor your comic time is amazing.you rock Mishra ji just chill & give us laugh with your acting

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by Loknath on Jul 07, 2015 02:09 PM

would feel myself lucky,if I will be able to meet him once in my lifetime

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