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Review: The Raid 2 is too gory to stomach

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kashyap chandra
All you trolls get your facts straight!
by kashyap chandra on Jun 01, 2014 09:42 PM

Gareth Huw Evans directed Raid and Raid 2.. not Gareth Edwards, who directed Monsters and Godzilla! The reviewer has atleast that part right. As for the actual movie.. it was not made for the violence-impaired, nor in any way does it pretend to be! So Paloma's review , though justified from her end, does not make a dent in the 8.8 IMDB rating and all the absolutely deserving raves and plaudits about this movie possibly being one of the greatest action movie ever made, not just an amazing Martial Arts film!! Peace!

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Rajeeva Shetty
by Rajeeva Shetty on May 31, 2014 04:16 PM

what a review.

writer or desi-daaru at work?


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shrey d
oh my goodness
by shrey d on May 31, 2014 02:08 PM  | Hide replies

Paloma, you've done it again. You've made a colossal mule (for the lack of a better word) out of yourself.

Now, PS, I don't know who's the bigger fool here. You - to *attempt* "reviewing" a 'Raid' film; or Rediff - to go ahead and publish this review.

You cannot differentiate Veronica Roth from Victoria Roth, and Gareth Evans from Gareth Edwards. And it's not like there's a lack of resources for one to learn or *read* about a film, it's just lazy writing. Lazy writing used as a subtext to glorify yourself, and how you're too cool/ too good for any film. It's a repeating pattern.

The penultimate paragraph was written just to fill up space. The point of being able to "stomach" the violence was repeated thrice. Yeah, we get it that you know that phrase. Whoop de doo.

Like my fellow commenters pointed out before me, this "review" is a sham and has sub-zero credibility. For all we know, you probably were too lazy to even get off your couch and go to the cinema to watch this film - as is the case with all your "reviews" anyway.

To sum up, since you like to repeat stuff, here's our retort - Lazy writing, lazily written, too lazy to even watch the film.

P.S.: Please stop, PS. Doing this on a weekly basis is a life-sucking experience for me.

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Re: oh my goodness
by ebrahim on May 31, 2014 05:47 PM

Its a lovely PostMovies. Thank for share template

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The Raid series
by JGN on May 30, 2014 11:01 PM  | Hide replies

is not forPUSSYS to review.

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shrey d
Re: The Raid series
by shrey d on May 31, 2014 02:09 PM
Hear, hear.

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aditya prasad
You're best a reviewing rom-coms
by aditya prasad on May 30, 2014 04:46 PM

Why do you try to enter into unfamiliar genres, girl? Accept it. You have grown watching only rom-coms. Stick to it. Go watch Student Of The Year and keep dreaming about it. It's high-time Rediff hires someone who is an unbiased movie-buff. And please!!! No feminists!!!

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Birdman Assam
I am a better Reviewer than Paloma....
by Birdman Assam on May 30, 2014 04:16 PM  | Hide replies

Dear Rediff!

fire this person immediately.....
It a matter of basic knowledge...crediting evans for Edwards.....

she has poorer knowledge than Alia Bhatt's GK...


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Pat Thakur
Re: I am a better Reviewer than Paloma....
by Pat Thakur on May 30, 2014 05:43 PM
Head of Rediff - Sheela Bhatt.

Need we say more?

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ramen das
he he
by ramen das on May 30, 2014 03:26 PM

Do not know the difference between evans and edwards?... in any case feminists should not review action movies...

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