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When Dilip Kumar Married Asma

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don dicosta
by don dicosta on Apr 16, 2016 01:55 PM

YOU know what to write history.Yes he could have married anybody but made lot of them wait in vain loosing their age also.to have son he might have done 100%.pls stop suddenly pooping stories pls

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debesh kanungo
multiple affairs marriages -A COMMON HABIT AMONG ACTORS
by debesh kanungo on Jul 03, 2014 01:04 PM

It is?

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this guy is no saint.
by Connan on Jul 01, 2014 01:52 PM

He did a married woman and is back peddling to cover it even at this late age in life. Not to mention the fact that his loyalties lie with the neighboring country. Lata would not speak to him because he hurt her by saying that the Hindi of people of Maharashtra stinks of the smell of Marathi.

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diwakar sharma
Dilip Saheb
by diwakar sharma on Jul 01, 2014 07:27 AM

It is clear that Asma Episode has not been dealt in the book with transparency....all cooked up stories.

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Amit Kumar
six sisters and five brothers
by Amit Kumar on Jul 01, 2014 07:24 AM


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kowshika adisheshan
Dilip Kumar to apologise
by kowshika adisheshan on Jun 30, 2014 09:08 PM

Dilip Kumar is yet to apologize for the hardship he gave to Madhubala in 1950s. Asma effect is nothing when compared to his eternal lover Madhubala.

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Confuse and matter is shady !
by smk on Jun 30, 2014 05:08 PM  | Hide replies

Either Dilip Kumar must gad cleared this matter or never mention it. What he meant that he married a already married lady which is zina according to islam and later divorced her. No one can pursue a superstar like him to marry any random person. It seems that he wanted a child and had an affair with lady but due to Saira he ended it.

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Ramakrishnan  Swamy
Re: Confuse and matter is shady !
by Ramakrishnan Swamy on Jun 30, 2014 06:04 PM
Married/Unmarried/Divorced Fans can decide whether to follow in the footsteps of the master or not.

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Bharat Kumar
not clear !
by Bharat Kumar on Jun 30, 2014 02:53 PM

so he married a married woman who was a regular visitor with her husband ? So, the husband offers his wife to him and he obliges?

Is that what the man is trying to tell us?

btw, rediff seems to have run out of gas and sputtering these kind of stories. Sad that I am commenting on it too.ahem!

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