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When R D Burman inspired movie titles!

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Akhilesh Kumar
by Akhilesh Kumar on Jun 27, 2014 12:46 PM  | Hide replies

This is really m0r0nic!

The movie titles are from the lyrics of the songs R D composed the music for!

How can anyone claim R D inspired these titles when he didn't have anything to do with writing the lyrics?!

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Opinionated Man
Re: Really
by Opinionated Man on Jun 27, 2014 01:58 PM
True to some extent, but most of these songs became iconic because of RD's music.

Can you tell any other music director in India whose songs have been titles of movies even half the number of RD, or can you name any otehr music director whose songs have been remixed in today's world?

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Akhilesh Kumar
Re: Re: Really
by Akhilesh Kumar on Jun 28, 2014 02:03 PM

You make R D sound like he was Mozart!

R D was a master plagiarist who exploited his exposure to different kinds of music from the world over; copied it and then claimed as his "original" compositions!

It is really sad to see people still romanticizing R D and his copied music as something great and unique when all it really is, is nothing more than a series of cunningly collated clownish, percussive sounds and sound effects!

People who "admire" R D's music like it was some great work of art are m0r0ns and pathetic losers!

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