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Review: Kick is Salman's best film in a decade

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vishnu vijayan
For the First Time I Agree with Raja Sen
by vishnu vijayan on Aug 03, 2014 10:42 AM

This is the first time I agree with Raja Sen. The original Kick was a block buster hit and its Tamil remake (Thillalangadi) was also a super hit. So it is not a surprise to see the Hindi version going on to be a hit. Raja Sen for the first time has tried to review a masala movie in its same genre rather than comparing it with an art movie.
Raja Sen is trying to be a better reviewer by trying to feel the pulse of the audience.
For the first time I concur with Raja Sen

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That goes to show
by SHANE on Jul 30, 2014 02:05 AM

how immature and irrelevant Indian viewers are, it's not only about movie but it is reflection of the regressive mindset of Indian as a society.In phase of 1990-2000, we digest those kind of movies and after that standard of viewers up a bit but it is sad to learn that viewers are going back to those years with Salman Khan,Rohit Shetty movies. Same way We start comparing ourselves to USA and China based on 1-2 bridges we build, and felt like we are on top of the world.

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Rakesh Menon
Not saying much
by Rakesh Menon on Jul 29, 2014 06:31 PM

Salman Khan is no actor. He is a puffed-up toad.

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karan Thapar
Raja Sen
by karan Thapar on Jul 28, 2014 09:25 PM

Mr Raja Sen,

I always respected your comments and and your reviews of all the major movies and almost made my mind about watching any movie.

This time though it seems like you have sold your soul to the 'devil' and gone completely wrong with it. 3 stars for 'Kick' really? Am afraid but there cant be a worse movie. It may not mean much to you and you may have made a lot of fans by appreciating a hopeless Salman Khan movie but you lost a true believer.

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by syedshamim on Jul 28, 2014 02:14 PM

Salman Movie will be a super duper Hit. If some People are Jealous we Salman Fan is not Bothered.

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KICK waste of time
by Santosh on Jul 27, 2014 09:37 PM  | Hide replies

KICK Telugu is best movie comedy and much better presentation, whereas the remake booriiiiiiiiiiiiing has lost its quality

not good waste of time

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Re: KICK waste of time
by syedshamim on Jul 28, 2014 02:12 PM
so what new information you are giving everybody know its a remake of telugu movie if salman told so.

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