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Aamir Khan: I don't select films in order to break records

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by poorobcgeorge on Dec 19, 2014 10:40 PM

best actor in bollywood is John Abraham

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Jubin Khanna
Did Amir forgot to read the script this time?
by Jubin Khanna on Dec 19, 2014 10:32 PM

Well did you forget to read the script this time Mr.A.Khan? This movie is not good. There is nothing in it the movie that would arrest the audience other than laughing at few points. That's all about it! You possibly thought it would also become hit like other Raj Kumar Hirani's film. Well this time Mr. Hirani failed. No one strikes gold in every sprint!!

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pravin sarode
pk means pravinkumar
by pravin sarode on Dec 09, 2014 10:22 PM

Abbriviation of pravinkumar is pk

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arnab bhattacharya
Aamir Rocks
by arnab bhattacharya on Dec 08, 2014 10:14 PM

Aamir the only star who acts & chooses sensible scripts barring few like D3...

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pradeep agarwal
The creation of secular media
by pradeep agarwal on Dec 08, 2014 06:19 PM

These 5'2'' to 5'6'' Khan brothers have our secular media as their biggest stooge who writes paid articles for them at the cost of good actors but not from their favourite class.

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Pure Dravidian
Ban Ban Bollywood
by Pure Dravidian on Dec 08, 2014 04:50 PM  | Hide replies

Go back to PK PK PK

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Mast Qalandar
Old geezers
by Mast Qalandar on Dec 08, 2014 04:36 PM  | Hide replies

Isnt it time these old Geezers (Amir, Salman, Shah Rukh, Akshay) retired from playing boyfriends to 20 year olds ?

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pradeep agarwal
Re: Old geezers
by pradeep agarwal on Dec 08, 2014 06:20 PM
Why Akshay?He is as fresh as was 20 yrs ago.

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Re: Re: Old geezers
by imran on Dec 08, 2014 09:12 PM
How do u know he is still fresh? :)

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Vedprakash Sharma
Re: Re: Re: Old geezers
by Vedprakash Sharma on Dec 09, 2014 03:02 AM
His face and physique reveal that, m0r0n! Do you look at his dik, too?

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