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Review: Revolver Rani is a confused film

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Am Pa
One of the best movies of 2014
by Am Pa on Sep 23, 2014 09:51 PM

Just watched it yesterday on DVD. Whoo! What a movie and what amazing performances from Kangana Ranaut and Piyush Mishra! For me, it is one of the best movies of 2014, up there with "Queen". It will leave you head in a whirl at the end. This movie is screaming for a sequel. (By the way, if you think it is a woman-empowering film, let me warn you it is not - I think that it was advertized as woman-powering film was a huge marketing blunder. The movie is mostly about politics and a bit about being a puppet leader who is in reality controlled by someone else. The name "Revolver Rani" suits the film because, at the end of the day, revolver-firing is the sole competent skill of Alka Singh in the movie.)

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