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Review: Nothing should keep you from watching 2 States

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Pathetic movie really !!! Waste of Time and Money ...
by tommy on Apr 28, 2014 10:46 AM

Except Aliya's performance, this is simply pathetic movie. Well the Novel itself was not that great so movie came out to be average as well. Waste of time and money.

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2 states movie
by VINAY CHOUKSEY on Apr 28, 2014 01:54 AM

A honest movie in a decade just perfect.Arjun and alia are stars.awesome.music is appropriate

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Shilpa Pai
2 states review:
by Shilpa Pai on Apr 23, 2014 12:13 PM

I for one, enjoyed it thoroughly. The fact that i have had something similar to this is what made me connect to this movie. I am a south Indian and my better half is a north Indian, and i am thankful that she is in my life, and communities never do matter all you need is the right person. May it be north, south,east, west

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by suppandi on Apr 22, 2014 09:51 AM

This is a copy of koalveri dhanush movie '3'

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useless bollywood
by useless bollywood on Apr 21, 2014 04:10 PM  | Hide replies

very boring movie..dont know why bollywood wants to try something which they cant do..

bollywood ..pls stick to ur old formula .. only make movies with pakistani khan actors or bachans or kapoor or sunny leone..
full movie to be shot in swiss,US and UK.
1 item song, 1 song in party, 1 song in grand wedding, 1 very hot song in beach or disco with white girl in short dress dancing behind, call srk or salman as guest appearance..
start the promotion of the movie 6 months before release.
release the movie world wide in 3000 screens only for NRI hindi audience. celebrate success party after 2 days of movie relase and tell all the media the movie made 300 crs in 2 days ..
important thing is make only sequel of old movies like dhoom 4,5,6 .. new names wont work.

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Shrikant Choudhary
Re: boring
by Shrikant Choudhary on Apr 21, 2014 05:29 PM
superb review abt bollywood..!!!

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Re: boring
by robert on Apr 21, 2014 11:25 PM
spot on!!on bollywood!!miss the good old hindi films..miss the genuine
acting..Nowadays acting is what ,the farce being forced upon by bolly kids..who arent natural at all..but have big banner backing..and the poor audience has no other option.. kudos to Rajukumar Rao for standing out and winning the national award.Iam not against films which entertain but nowadays it as like how you mentioned ..the standard ingeredients these days

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mr c
2 States
by mr c on Apr 21, 2014 09:33 AM

This is just a mediocre film and OK to watch.The pre-marital s.affair was unnecessary as south Indians are generally very conservative and do not indulge in this which was looking extremely unnatural and was a disappointment. The girl does not look a south indian at all although her acting is good. The boy acting was also not much to talk about. Amritha singh was good. Revathy and her husband disappointing. Actress Laxmi or Nalini could have done a better job.Delhi Ganeshan could have been better for father's role.

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priyankush ghosh
Suoerbly directed movie
by priyankush ghosh on Apr 20, 2014 11:04 PM

Really felt as if I belong to the family of Krish and Ananya while watching the movie..kudos to the director to make the movie so involving to the audience .. the movie is a pleasant surprise to the slam bang bollywod movies ...we all know what a good writer chetan bhagat is , but the director actually has exceeded expectations in making the movie even better perhaps than the movie..Alia really looked cute and pretty and the costume designer should take a bow to make her look so well dressed in any thing she wore in this movie- Saris , shorts , jeans , kurtis everything ..Arjun looked intense/serious but perhaps the character demanded the same ..

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Surendra Nath
by Surendra Nath on Apr 20, 2014 02:13 PM  | Hide replies

It is amazing to see how people from S o u t h India tolerate such insulting portrayal of their ethos and culture with such callous nonchalance!

Wonder what emasculated these once proud people!

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Chris Martin
Re: Amazing
by Chris Martin on Apr 20, 2014 02:54 PM
Nah Surendra. There is a saying in Hindi which I am translating roughly in English If dogs bark, one does not bark at them back.

I am from North India but cannot understand the short sightedness of Indians either from North South or wherever.

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Surendra Nath
Re: Re: Amazing
by Surendra Nath on Apr 21, 2014 12:48 PM

So what you are saying is that this movie and its content is akin to the barking of a stray animal?!


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by hogajoga on Apr 20, 2014 07:42 AM

Just that goat walk and talk Arjun? Guju a Tamil? Puunju are now calling all ggoats in Puunjab as Puunjabis to control them as sikh have refused to be called puunjabis, they rather be called "jatt/rajput/etc" Sikh or just khalsa but not coined by puunju as punjus on basis of language or religion control.

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