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Readers' Pick: Top 10 Bollywood Actresses OF ALL TIME!

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Wrong Choice & Wrong Order
by tejas on Mar 11, 2016 12:06 AM

Vidya Balan is better than Smita Patil &

Waheeda Rehman ??????

Really ??????

Whoever rated Vidya Balan better than Smita

Patil & Waheeda must be seriously

dumb & doesn't know the "A" of acting.

And where is Vaijayanthimala ? She is one of

the finest actors, dancer & beautiful women.

Acting wise the order should be :-

1) Nutan

2) Smita Patil

3) Waheeda Rehman

4) Meena Kumari

5) Sridevi

6) Vaijayanthimala

7) Jaya Bacchan

8) Rekha

9) Madhubala

10 Madhuri Dixit

Though Madhuri & Madhbala are both extremely beautiful & very good dancers, they lack a bit in acting skills as compared to top 8.

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ajay patel
best actress of all time
by ajay patel on Sep 05, 2014 01:20 AM

madhuri dixit-nene denver united state (america), she has become american but she will live in heart of indian people all time.

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ajay patel
top 2 actress all time .
by ajay patel on Sep 05, 2014 01:15 AM

1. nargis fakri , 2. madhuri dixit-nene.

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Top Ten Actresses
by DJ on Apr 17, 2014 12:49 AM

A thorough study of both modern times and past era is required to understand the impact the Bollywood actresses had and have on viewer's mind and what was their contribution both in terms of contribution to Acting as a Artistic phenomena and Cinema business. Rediff is a well known brand - the team should work on such kind of enlistings and rankings thoroughly. The kind of contribution and impact Sridevi or Vidya Balan is associated with is much lesser than what Vyjayanthimala did from mid 50s- late 60s.
The kind of performances Sharmila Tagore and Shabana Azmi delivered are taught across the globe wherever Cinematic Studies /Film Studies are part of Academics. On one hand, it is a pleasure to see greats like Meena Kumari, Smita Patil, Waheeda Rehman, Nutan finding place here. On the other hand, missing out on a Vyjayanthi or Shabana or Nargis or Sharmila is not only disheartening but very dissapointing to movie buffs who would rate the actresses equally on Star Power and their acting prowess. Rediff should reconsider this list ( the Top Ten actors list is much better )...

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Top Ten Bollywood Actresses of all time
by DJ on Apr 17, 2014 12:13 AM

Unlike the To Ten Actors selection( I am not debating the ratings here), the actresses list is not correct and justified. With all due and respect, how can this list be complete without 3 all time greats of their genre- Vyjayanthimala, Nargis, and Shabana Azmi?

Vyjayanthimala is a must feature ( she should make it in Top 3) because she is the one who was the first Female superstar and who created the legacy that every actress should know a little bit of dance. She was the first All rounder actress showing the prowess of great acting abilities, supreme dancing skills, and divine beauty ( Devdas, Nagi, Madhumati, Naya Daur, Leader, Ganga Jamuna, Sangam, Amrapali, Jewel Thief..t name a few). She was the highest paid actress and one of the few who won Filmfare awards 4 times, working with all the legendary actors and directors of 50s and 60s( she created the legacy for Soth Indian actresses like Hema, Rekha, Jaya Prada, Sridevi).. Till date, she is an iconic actress for all teh generations to come.
Nargis was the path breaker in the female roles and was another ivonic start in herself who could easily juggle a traditional character and a modern type with equal ease.
And how come Shaban is missing? She is teh torch bearer of Art House cinema along with Smita Patil; she is an actress revered across the country for her extremely puritan actress calibre. Not including these 3 actresses who are institution in themselves and then enlisting actresses like Vidya Balan is an insult.

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by hool on Nov 25, 2013 02:31 PM  | Hide replies

Where is Nargis?The list is incomple without her.Vidya and Jaya are misfit here.Vaijantimala also should be enlisted.

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Anil  Dmello
Re: Nargis
by Anil Dmello on Sep 07, 2019 11:16 PM
Below should be the order
1. Meena Kumari
2. Vyjantimala
3. Nargis
4. Madhuri Dixit
5. Sridevi
7. Smita Patil
8. Nutan
9. Waheeda Rehman
10. Hema Malini

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