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PIX: Meet the SEXY item girls of Himmatwala

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Supper dancer
by MANOJ on Mar 30, 2013 01:16 PM


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raj aryan
himmatwala movie
by raj aryan on Mar 30, 2013 11:02 AM

Himmatwala movie songs are Items songs,Its songs looks are very krazy.

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Sachin Nair
What is the solution
by Sachin Nair on Mar 29, 2013 03:09 PM

for a moment agreed that these songs are the only or one of the causes for Rapes.... I am sure you too have seen one Item song at least.
Did you rape anyone? Did you ever feel like raping? Rape is not a sexual act it is a violent act.
This must be clear....!
Now the commercials- The industry is highly competitive I am sure all agree to this. Item songs give instant fame and payments are high...
For some one struggling in Bombay filmdom item songs are a definite welcome. How can they pay for their Rent, their make up, socialising etc...?
There is a Censor Board of India to look into these issues. Why are they clearing the songs?
I believe your angst should be directed at the CBFC than any of the item girls...
Why just dance why not song writers? Why just in Hindi alone? Why not in Punjabi Bhojpuri Bengali Telugu Marathi Tamil etc.?Ban it everywhere.

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Brass Tacks
Re: These item girls arouse men and main cause or RAPE
by Brass Tacks on Mar 29, 2013 12:48 PM

on one side we have item songs
and on other side women behave
like holy cows. The gap between
reel and real is too wide open and
thats what the hassle here is.
Either the reel ones should match
the real ones or viceversa.

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Maneesh Bhanot
Item Number
by Maneesh Bhanot on Mar 29, 2013 12:09 PM  | Hide replies

Item number is not the kind that every girl can do. To do the item number, a girl has some speical kind of Jhatkas not common type of. Manish

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samudra blr
Re: Item Number
by samudra blr on Mar 29, 2013 12:18 PM
These item girls arouse men and their man hood and main cause or RAPE in India.

Instead of bringing in new rape laws, these item girls should be severely punished by law.
They are the root cause of Rape in India.

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this will be a flop
by SK B on Mar 29, 2013 09:34 AM

looks like they are trying too much by remaking an old hit ..adding all kinds of masala and getting all these bimbos...a flop written all over it ...

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jignesh bond
by jignesh bond on Mar 29, 2013 07:13 AM

Going to be a nice body show.

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Anirban Sarkar
by Anirban Sarkar on Mar 28, 2013 09:45 PM

Great combo

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shekar shake
Re: Man, she is so hot.Feel like jackin' off to her right now. Al
by shekar shake on Mar 28, 2013 02:33 PM
Surf Excel haina

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Mark David
Re: Man, she is so hot.Feel like jackin' off to her right now. Al
by Mark David on Mar 28, 2013 02:33 PM
you might want to see a therapist bro.

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