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PIX: Jacqueline, Akshay at Teacher's Awards

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prakash CHODUkone
Shahrukh, karan Johar and Suny Leone may star in a love triangle
by prakash CHODUkone on Mar 11, 2013 07:46 PM

Shahrukh, karan Johar and Suny Leone may star in a love triangle with a 6ay twist.The news was confirmed by reputed movie

ossip magazine published from Bihar. Sunny has been reported been told to learn indian culture and imbibe traditional values

for the role as there is is a karva chauth scene to picturised on SRK and Karan Johar. Amitabh showed interest and almost

roped in to play Sunny's father but Jaya bhabhi intervened against it because of bad influence it will have on the family

and Amitabh was dropped. Last heard Mohan Lal was in talks to play the role of Sunny's father subject to Sunny's approval as

Sunny prefers clean shaven white men. Mohan lal was even willing to shave off his moustache to share screen space with

sunny.Mammooty was willing to cut down his price for cameo appearance as Sunny's former boyfriend. Stay tuned for more


Apprently the reports have started pouring in on the first schedule of the movie held in Filmistan studios. As a Karan Johar

tradition, during the karva chauth scene, Sunny was asked to bend over and touch her husband's feet and seek his blessings

but instead Sunny after bending over touched King Khan's something else with her lips instead of feet. The shot was OKed by

Karan Johar on public demand.

Disclosure: Like Anushka sharma's father and brother i jack off to Anushka 6 times a day

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WHy are you showing pix of these filmy idiots?
by CS on Mar 11, 2013 05:37 PM

Where are the teachers who won awards....? WHo cares for these pretty dimwits?

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