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The BEST Love Stories in Bollywood

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Manohar Rao
Greatest love stories of Bollywood
by Manohar Rao on Jul 13, 2014 06:12 AM

Chandini, Tezab, Sadma, Sajjan Ashiqui are missing

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rohit chauhan
Not one of these movies
by rohit chauhan on Jul 13, 2014 05:44 AM

is a shade on Bandini. Ok, may be Mughal e Azam.
And Pyaasa was not really a love story.

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manibala kumar
by manibala kumar on Jul 07, 2013 09:51 AM  | Hide replies

Raanjhana is flop and boring movie. Its Tamil version is dead flop. I request Hindi Filmmakers not to make such non sense movies.

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bhakti joshi
Re: Flop
by bhakti joshi on Jul 07, 2013 10:26 AM
dear manibala kumar, i found Ranjhana movie very very touching and heartfelt. please dont make biased comments. it seems you have never been in love and consider it very silly

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by selvakumar on Jul 05, 2013 12:17 PM

I think in the rediff they have missed one of the greatest movie sathma(Kamal and sridevi). Greatest movie by Balu mahendra

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what about vazhvae mayam
by selvakumar on Jul 05, 2013 12:15 PM  | Hide replies

Kamal and Sridevi

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g soman
Re: what about vazhvae mayam
by g soman on Jul 08, 2013 04:13 PM
vazhvae mayam, they might not have seen it, a master piece itself.

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