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Manoj Adwani
Romantic Exhaustion
by Manoj Adwani on Feb 17, 2013 01:37 AM

O my God. What a marathon read. Having become a regular rediff reader since the last one year or so, I had missed all the stuff that you had written on romance and movies over the years, it was a pleasure to read the entire article with all its links. Having been a movie buff right from childhood and probably elder in age (mid forties) to you I may not totally agree with your top choice and recommendations of the most romantic movies, but I must acknowledge that over the years a lot of hard work and sincerity has gone into these write ups, your minute observations and beautiful script has made them specials in the true sense. The articles I enjoyed the most in the package was the sad melodies on love (truly wonderful collection), the underrated romantic movies (yes I agree totally that all these movies touched our hearts) and one on why Shah Rukh Khan has been the symbol of love for so many years (very good annalysis with reality). My congratulations to you for a wonderful package on romance. However, with reading no longer being a big time hobby now, I doubt that this entire thing would have been read by many, which is a pity, but even if they read two or three pages I think your objective of making people feel happy has been served.

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vijaya vittal
by vijaya vittal on Feb 15, 2013 09:33 AM

How come you forgot several films of the Handsome...Superstar of Hindi films..Rajesh Khanaa ?? the ones cited by you come no where near any of his romantic filmskbybc

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