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Prem Naam Hai Mera... Prem Chopra

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Yashpal Gogia
Happy Birthday
by Yashpal Gogia on Sep 23, 2014 02:23 PM

Wish you many many happy rears to come

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might be unfair to rank..
by dineshhassija on Jun 30, 2014 11:33 AM  | Hide replies

out rightly, it is impossible to give top rank to anyone in bollywood be it singer, actor, actress, hero. heroine, comedian, music composer, writer...rather top five or even ten would be more appropriate...

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dinesh hassija
Re: might be unfair to rank..
by dinesh hassija on Sep 24, 2014 05:17 PM
villains that too father of daughters had to be mostly soft spoken...

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i love tabu in prem
by lucyama on Feb 10, 2013 07:48 PM

i love tabu in prem

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Li Na
dear rediff
by Li Na on Feb 09, 2013 10:46 PM

it's very good to read about yesteryear stars. we know all about current generation actors, thanks to filmi mags, twitter, web....

but it's very interesting to read about actors of that generation whom we have seen as kids, but don't know much about them.

pls publish more articles like these. any day a million times better than "hottest back", "fashion disaster" and other "hot best assets" story you publish.

this is good and refreshing to read!

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pratik nidhi bhardwaj.
by pratik nidhi bhardwaj. on Feb 09, 2013 04:49 PM

Sir Prem Chopra

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Mark Cherian
by Mark Cherian on Feb 09, 2013 11:08 AM

A very handsome & talented actor!

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