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Why Love In Bombay should NOT have released

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Ajay Kumar
Why Love In Bombay should NOT have released
by Ajay Kumar on Aug 12, 2013 11:23 AM  | Hide replies

"Why Love In Bombay should NOT have released"??

It is not AIR that "should NOT have released"!

Please Rediff, at least do some proof reading for the title of your inane articles!

Please correct it to ............

Why Love In Bombay should NOT have BEEN released!

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Shivaji Ghosh
come on yaar !
by Shivaji Ghosh on Aug 10, 2013 09:56 PM  | Hide replies

Why should everything in life be so clinical. Production values, special effects...and some more 'Critic'-isque jargons apart, imagine the sheer joy of watching the great Kishore Kumar in a never released movie in big screen. There was a time when movies were made and watched for enjoyment, not dissection. No doubt times have changed, but why should a son think twice before doing his best in releasing his father's unreleased work ? Why try to calculate happiness, emotions ? Keep it aside for 100-crore things.

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Re: come on yaar !
by AMIT BHATTACHARYA on Aug 11, 2013 02:45 PM
You are absolutely right Mr Ghosh.Previously I thought that Raja Sen was just a terrible critic forced upon us by Rediff but now I understand that he is a terrible human being as well . Totally shameless.

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adam smith
Re: come on yaar !
by adam smith on Aug 11, 2013 10:13 AM
Well said, Mr. Ghosh!

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thu tha
Re: Re: come on yaar !
by thu tha on Aug 11, 2013 11:23 PM
he..he..for once Raja Sen is right..for all the nostalgia loving, will anyone go one of you dare to go and see this tripe...

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Re: Re: Re: come on yaar !
by K L on Sep 10, 2013 10:46 AM
I will.

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Sanjay Rane
Re: come on yaar !
by Sanjay Rane on Sep 29, 2013 11:41 PM
I fully agree with you Mr. Ghosh.

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