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Apurva Bhatnagar
Advise for people who have not yet seen this Movie !!!
by Apurva Bhatnagar on Aug 23, 2013 05:24 PM

Please do not get carried away by how many crores this movie has generated. You will feel cheated (when you see this movie) if you go with high expectations.

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Apurva Bhatnagar
Very good review
by Apurva Bhatnagar on Aug 23, 2013 05:18 PM

Very few people have reviewed this film correctly. Raja Sen is one those few.

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314 cr business
by SoBloodyWhat on Aug 21, 2013 11:05 AM

wow that's huge

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srk overacting
by pup on Aug 21, 2013 02:35 AM

srk's overacting ruined this movie a little bit...srk needs to restrain from his over mannerisms...otherwise he will turn into someone like devanand in his olg age...who couldn't get the star out of him and started looking like a buffoon...

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chilukuri chakravarthy
0 stars to Raja sens review, 4 stars to CE.
by chilukuri chakravarthy on Aug 15, 2013 03:04 PM

5 stars to Deepika, 4 to the slapstick comedy and 3 stars to SRK, average 4 stars to CE.This film is for both North and South to enjoy, except for the last 15 min bakwaas. About this review, its all bakwaas.Khalaas...

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arshwany wany
Rajaji nobody missed AJAYJI except you.
by arshwany wany on Aug 15, 2013 04:30 AM  | Hide replies

Raja-ji nobody missed Ajay-ji except U-ji.Both of you missed train-ji.Yes SRK was loud and overconfident in the moie but it still made us to laugh better than ajay because he is such a bore actor except for his once uoa time...in mumbai act He has sameness in everything and that is why he has not a single hit movie except ROHIT'S.

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Re: Rajaji nobody missed AJAYJI except you.
by payal on Sep 01, 2013 03:41 PM
I agree. If we have to compare Ajay, Aamir, Salman with Shahrukh then we have to consider not only movies that made 100 crore plus but also see who has given more floop movies. If you see then you will find that Shahrukh is definitely no 1 among them!

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maram jyothi
Raja Sen is correct.
by maram jyothi on Aug 13, 2013 12:53 PM  | Hide replies

Raja sen is correct. I salute raja sen for good review. CE is a bad film.

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Sameer Khanna
Re: Raja Sen is correct.
by Sameer Khanna on Aug 14, 2013 10:48 PM
Whats wrong with Sharukh Khan & Rohit Shetty. Chennai Express is such a Bakwas movie. Total time waste.
Sharukh catches a train & somehow reaches Chennai, some shit happening (no clue) and they both propose and movie ends.

We really expected something good from both. No wonder why they were doing too much of promotions and EID festival saved you both.

Sharukh/Rohit - Please don't misguide people. I felt as if I was cheated. Even you both know that Chennai Express movie is SUCKS!

You should give entire 100 cr to poor people in Mumbai.

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Re: Re: Raja Sen is correct.
by payal on Aug 15, 2013 04:20 AM
good movie. not of 5 star rating but 3 star deserves.

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Re: Raja Sen is correct.
by payal on Aug 15, 2013 04:24 AM
Raja Sen should have check his brain. movie is good, appriciated by all people from different location in India, earned 100 cr from all teritories of India.

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