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Review: Ladies & Gentleman is a big letdown

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Rakesh K
better watch - shakeema's old classics
by Rakesh K on May 04, 2013 02:01 PM

that will be more fun...

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Pookode Santhosh
This film will be appreciated in future!
by Pookode Santhosh on Apr 18, 2013 08:03 AM  | Hide replies

In his 23 years of cinema career, no critic has appreciated the films of Siddique at the time of release....now this writer says Siddique " who has given some good films in the past."
When Vietnam colony was released, it was trashed by the predecessors of this writer...where it stands now?
when Godfather was released, it was ridiculed by the same set of writers then...it is still the most run cinema in Malayalam...
When Mannar Mathai was released, these men were vouching for Sphadikam...and pooh-poohed Mannar Mathai....now these men secretly watches that film time and again when aired on TV!
This has been the story of Siddique.....but sadly for these critics, all his films were liked by common man, for whom he makes films...
Ladies and Gentleman is also going that way....disliked by critics, but liked by mass...
And Mr. Paresh may appreciate this film when Mr. Siddique's next film is released....he might then say "Siddique has failed this time after making a decent film Ladies and Gentleman..."

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Re: This film will be appreciated in future!
by SK on Apr 18, 2013 11:58 AM
Mannar Mathai was not directed by Mani C Kappan, not Siddique.

Vietnam Colony was not a great movie. Only remembered for Mohanlal-innocent jokes in first half.

Godfather along with Ramji Rao still remain the best works of Siddique. After Godfather, no other movie from Siddique broke any new ground - just boringly repeated slapsticks.

I havent seen LAM yet, but the story seems yawn-inspiring.

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Binu Kumar S
Worst Sidddique movie
by Binu Kumar S on Apr 16, 2013 12:43 PM  | Hide replies

Worst Sidddique movie, 2/5 is too generous!!

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bob clown
Re: Worst Sidddique movie
by bob clown on Apr 16, 2013 03:48 PM
Mr Lal thinks he is still the casanova of malayalam movies. Let Siddique make another part 2 of this movie cast Mr Lal as the hero

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Mallu Industry Gone
by on Apr 16, 2013 12:04 PM

Seems Belly tankers are more useful for Mallu Industry....

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Kalyan Kumar
Siddique as Producers' Director and a Good Boy
by Kalyan Kumar on Apr 15, 2013 06:57 PM

The movie is a rescue operation for the producers who lost big money with Roshan Andrews directed Casanova with Lal as the hero.
News is that this picture has already made a profit of 1.5 crores and recuped the investment and producers are happy.

Siddique's stock is over; he now seems to have been influenced by director Ranjit who has a market for preaching films (movie SPIRIT as an example) to give social messages than entertaining much. Siddique must go beyond formula given by producer, hero and distributor and reinvent himself else retire gracefully.

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Aakarsh Paul
super disappointing !
by Aakarsh Paul on Apr 15, 2013 05:19 PM

Demanding for a refund of money straight away,
Calling Ladies and Gentleman a disappointment would be an understatement. It can be clearly seen that the director has put in no logic and dedication whatsoever. With full respect to Malayalam's Greatest Actor ever, seriously aren't we bored seeing him playing a drunkard Hero who knows everything and preaches everything? It is disheartening to see him play roles that are so similar to yesteryear movies. Meera Jasmine's character has all the potential to be the most ridiculous heroine on screen
The so called twists, especially before the Interval is so predictable that you sit in rude shock wondering if this movie is actually directed by Siddique. The young chap who plays Sarath should consider about taking some serious acting classes !!Except for a few scenes here and there (thanks to Mohanlal), L n M fails big time..

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