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Review: Skyfall is the best Bond film in decades

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krishna kumar
Typical Indian writer
by krishna kumar on Nov 02, 2012 12:10 PM

AS with most indian english writers Sen wants to use all the jargons and one of the most sophisticated wordings totally unecessary..

I bet even an american or a Brit would take time to read this....westerners always prefer simple engish....I dont know what he is trying to impress here...

But Skyfall is pretty good...more of dialogues than animated stunts..if you watch dialogues closely you will understand the humor behind it and make you feel interesting... Indians can never mature...they want all the super human bond always...

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vicky k
Not at all BONDISH
by vicky k on Nov 02, 2012 11:56 AM  | Hide replies

No cool gadgets, no babes(madam M seems to be bond girl), no cars, no slick action, very less humor, no bondish plot or plan...all these special things make bond movies special..if this is supposed to be just another action movie like transporter then why the 007 tag in it...trust me Craig's " the girl in dragon tattoo" was better...any ardent bond movie lover will have other opinion than this reviewer

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Re: Not at all BONDISH
by BHUSHAN PAWAR on Nov 02, 2012 12:04 PM
Please do not waste your time in watching this movie. All reviewers have overrated this movie. It seems Sam Mendes has directed this movie in keeping Oscars in mind; not the legendary of Bond series. This movie will disappoint you if you are Bond fan & even if you are fan of action films. I found following points really pathetic,
1. Naomi Harris is like cartoon & has no chemistry with Daniel Creig.
2. Daniel Creig lacks the charm associated with Bond persona.
3. Nothing to apluad about actions scenes; the very few that movie has.
4. We know Bond as a hero who saves the world. In this film he is limited to protecting M.
5. The film is slow paced & lacks depth in its script; though it promises to have depth at start but as you reach climax you realize lack of it.
6. Poor dialogues. There's absolutely nothing that can leave you shaken & stirred.

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mark arputharaj
Re: Not at all BONDISH
by mark arputharaj on Nov 02, 2012 12:45 PM
very bad movie, we all expect bond's heroism in the movie and not the logic, but it is totally missing, at the climax bond is using a knife to kill the villain tragedy movie.

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its manish
by its manish on Nov 02, 2012 11:19 AM  | Hide replies

Thats is what i have to say about this movie.

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by V SR on Nov 02, 2012 11:28 AM
When Raja Sen rates it, I am sure reverse must be true, going by past experience!

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mahesh kumar
Let down with this No.23.
by mahesh kumar on Nov 02, 2012 10:56 AM

Its's just another hollywood flick. DEFINITELY NOT A BOND MOVIE

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mahesh kumar
just another flick
by mahesh kumar on Nov 02, 2012 10:54 AM

Just another hollywood flick. DEFINITELY NOT A BOND MOVIE.

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Opinion Poll
As usual an complicated review
by Opinion Poll on Nov 02, 2012 10:35 AM  | Hide replies

Raja Sen's review are always more complicated than the movie. He, more of, wants to display his writing skills, than present an genuine review of the movie. I wonder whom he wants to impress? By now, he should have been fired, bcos surely his manuscripts are not for the average English readers.

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jatinder kumar
Re: As usual an complicated review
by jatinder kumar on Nov 02, 2012 01:56 PM
ur words as solid as gold.
raja sen all he want 2 do is impress with english he use to review movie. his taste for the movies is not even average.

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Message deleted by moderator
by RaviKrishna on Nov 02, 2012 10:17 AM

daniel craig looks like a starved old ape.. he is bond ha ha

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hari krishna
Bad Film
by hari krishna on Nov 02, 2012 10:14 AM

The Hype created is not worth.
Worst Movie in Bond Series.

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