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'Soumitrada overshadowed Uttam Kumar in Jhinder Bondi'

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Chitto Ghosh
Soumitrda overshadowed
by Chitto Ghosh on Feb 20, 2017 05:59 PM

This is nothing more or less that blunt and blatant remark. Uttamkumar, unquestionably one of the most gifted versatile actors Indian cinema has ever come across, was in a class beyond such comparison with his signature elan and ease, his unique naturalism in portraying the character he played, his relentless innovations in expressing his understanding of the role in the context of the script, the situations and other characters, his exploits of camera angles and light, and last but not the least his "back to camera" performance. Well, there have never been dearth of high nose critics, mainly so called self styled academic intellectuals whose one point agenda was and is marginalizing Uttam. But the history of Indian Cinema celebrates the sheer magic and magnificence the legend left behind. Soumitra, on the other hand, is also a master actor but belonged to different school of acting...cerebral, thoughtful and hardworking. But he is predominantly a director's actor who more often that not looked helpless whenever script failed to provide the trigger that kept him moving.

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