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Bollywood bids farewell to Dara Singh

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satish gupta
dara singh ji
by satish gupta on Jul 14, 2012 12:27 PM

it is difficult to fathom Dara Singh JI's universal appeal. it was from 1964 to 1970 or so, there was only one Hero who blazed the silver screen, Dara Singh.People may say any thing about his dialogue delivery that was completely rustic but he was an entertainer to the hilt especially in his movies with another great Prithivi Raj Kapoor. The writer has the good fortune to watch his wrestling skills with King Kog at Sangrur (Punjab).

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by RAMESH LAL on Jul 13, 2012 09:04 AM



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by NIRAJ SRIVASTWA on Jul 13, 2012 06:01 AM

The hanuman of 21st century has left us. Dara singh played the hanuman character so brilliantly in teleserial Ramayana, that every body see him as the hanuman. Dara Singhji was a great wrestler and film actor. No one shall be able to fill the place of Dara Singh. He will live in the hearts of Indian for very long time.


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william manuel
great human being
by william manuel on Jul 13, 2012 04:55 AM

Dara Singh the name is significant itself, he was humble person and a great human being , may his soul rest in peace .

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om shanti
by om shanti on Jul 13, 2012 04:33 AM  | Hide replies

Dara Singh helped build Nehru Stadium
GUWAHATI, July 12 – Wrestling legend and actor Dara Singh had a close involvement with Assam, and not many would know that his wrestling bouts in Guwahati were a fund-raising endeavour by the late RG Baruah for construction of the Nehru Stadium.
And the lion-hearted strongman was gracious enough not to charge anything for his appearance in the wrestling events, as he was devoted to contributing to a noble cause.

During the 1960s, Dara Singh – along with several national and international stars – featured in three wrestling exhibitions in Guwahati. All were huge successes, drawing jam-packed crowds and earning substantial returns which were used for the cause of the stadium.

The Nehru Stadium was opened on July 16, 1962. Dara Singh took part in his third and fourth wrestling events in Guwahati in the Nehru Stadium. His earlier events were held in the Church Field.

RG Baruah, the founder of The Assam Tribune group of newspapers and a keen sports enthusiast, had a personal association with Dara Singh. During his stay in Guwahati, Dara Singh used to be a personal guest of Baruah.

Reminiscing about the bouts featuring Dara Singh, his brother Randhawa, King Kong, Mighty Mongol, Killer Zapata, etc., sports organizer Bhuban Lahkar said, “Dara Singh was a well-known name among the State’s sports-loving public in the 1960s and 1970s – thanks to RG Baruah’s initiative that s

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om shanti
Re: ...
by om shanti on Jul 13, 2012 04:35 AM
saw holding of as many as three wrestling events, followed by another under the aegis of Jyotirupa in 1978.”

Lahkar said that the Dara Singh had an arresting personality and enjoyed a huge fan following. “After RG Baruah had introduced him to Assam, Dara Singh started taking keen interest in the development of sports infrastructure in Assam. He charged nothing as profit for his appearance in the wresting bouts in Guwahati, and was very happy to have contributed to the cause of the stadium,” he said.

“The three bouts yielded in total Rs 1,10,000 – a substantial amount in those days – and was utilized for the stadium,” Lahkar said.

Veteran journalist and sports organizer Premadhar Sarma said that by holding the shows featuring Dara Singh and other top wrestlers, RG Baruah introduced the sporting-buffs of Assam to a new genre of sports.

“It was RG Baruah’s ingenuity that saw the holding of a completely new kind of wrestling event featuring international stars. People liked it a lot, and it contributed towards developing some much-needed sports infrastructure in the State,” Sarma said.

Recollecting his association with Dara Singh, Sarma said that he had met Dara Singh twice during his shows in Guwahati.

“It was quite an experience to have met Dara Singh. A giant in physical stature, he had a personality that was affable and drew people instantly towards him. He used to take a lot of interest i

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om shanti
Re: Re: ...
by om shanti on Jul 13, 2012 04:36 AM
interest in the sporting arena of the State,” Sarma said.

Dwelling on how RG Baruah had put up a lot of effort towards publicizing the wrestling events, Sarma said that before the events, sports journalist Pulin Das used to report extensively on the physical attributes and often-exaggerated food habits of the wrestlers.

RG Baruah even used to distribute handbills from a sports-plane of Assam Flying Club ahead of the events.

“All this had the desired impact and made the sports-loving public to throng the wrestling venue in their hordes. It was an altogether new experience for them, and they cherished it like never before,” Sarma said.

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A Singh
by A Singh on Jul 13, 2012 03:23 AM

RIP Dara Singhji...

Why not a single picture of the person on this article ??? rediff, get your act together..!!!

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nzboy handsome
RIP - Dara Singh
by nzboy handsome on Jul 13, 2012 03:07 AM

May his Soul rest in Peace. He was a GEM of a person.

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cool dude
rest in peace
by cool dude on Jul 12, 2012 07:59 PM  | Hide replies

Hanuman forever, not just ramayan serial but he has performed the role of hanuman in a number of other movies. I think it must be some kind of a record.
He never got credit for his acting skills but I think he was just brilliant.

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cool dude
Re: rest in peace
by cool dude on Jul 12, 2012 08:00 PM
I remember naseerudin shah said in interview that he liked Dara singh acting

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