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'I told Amitabh not to enter politics'

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James S
Wonderful talent,Multifaceted
by James S on Jul 25, 2014 12:03 AM

You are just fantastic, Mr.Kader Khan. Your timing is perfect as an actor(be it a villain, comedy or tragedy).

You are not less than Amitabh in any way.If fact you are more talented than Amitabh because you are multifaceted.

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Ray indian
Wonderful person
by Ray indian on Jul 15, 2012 04:58 PM

Kader Khan is a wonderful person. Multi faced personality. Imagine a civil engineer, actor, dialogue writer all moulded in one persona. May you live a very very long time.

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by akmal on Jul 14, 2012 10:02 PM  | Hide replies

Shame on you kader khan for saying disgusting thing about amitabh.

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pradeep agarwal
Re: shame
by pradeep agarwal on Feb 05, 2014 06:38 PM
A lot of what he has conveyed about him is true.The real personality of super actors is different than what is projected by PR companies

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jamsheed khan
Re: shame
by jamsheed khan on Jul 15, 2012 10:01 AM
Amitabh is a very boastful person and a selfish actor, he deserves what is said about him!!

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Kshitijk Kulshreshtha
Re: Re: shame
by Kshitijk Kulshreshtha on Feb 05, 2014 07:38 PM
amithabh is the most humble person ..
he never boasted himself ..
people like you are disgrace for nation ...
Jamsheed ... you are a jerk ...

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farah khanam
Kader Khan
by farah khanam on Jul 11, 2012 01:01 PM

Gifted actor and an exceptional writer. Not many people know that it was actually him, who wrote the dialogues etc for the original Agneepath. He contribution should be recognized because he was involved with Bollywood for so many years. I wish him all the best. He is one of my favourite comedian, along with Amol Palekar and Mehmood.

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roy jose
truly a bundle of talent
by roy jose on Jul 11, 2012 12:18 PM

A person teaching mathematics, geometrical machine drawing, applied mechanics and other difficult subjects to engineering students and also excelling in films – 2 totally different fields! He is truly India’s Leonardo Da Vinci who was good in mathematics as well as painting.

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