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Meet the musician duo behind Chikni Chameli

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Ajay-Atul future of Indian music
by Rahul on Jan 27, 2012 03:02 AM  | Hide replies

All the best guys. You are future. A R Rehman is the best example to think. He almost never copied anything and still continued to deliver the best. Sincere, hardworking, thoughtful efforts would always produce relentless yet melodious music. Hope you continue delivering the best always and keep growing…
Coming from Maharashtra, your music may face lots of healthy comparison from greats like Sudhir Phadke, Ram-Lakshman, Ram Kadam, Shrinivas Khale, Hrudaynath Mangeshkar etc. Mind you, you need to continue the legacy.
I am confident you will always produce the best and original.

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