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Shirin Farhad... review: Forty, fabulous and feel good!

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Sanya Rai
by Sanya Rai on Sep 05, 2012 03:22 PM

Like it! Really amazing it is! I watched it just day before and I'm more than impressed with the movie. I should have watched this first day only. Really amazing!

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Girish Naik
One would expect a better film from Bhansali Productions.
by Girish Naik on Aug 28, 2012 03:39 PM

To be honest I was not so impressed with the film. The music was atrocious. There was absence of melody. Also may be my sense of humour is much stronger. Jokes about farting do not chuckle me at all. I did not laugh at all in the movie.
Boman Irani is the only saving grace in the movie. It is definitely a bold attempt but could have been a quality attempt. Sanjay should have composed the music. His 'Guzarrish' compositions are unbeatable.

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Prashanth DSouza
Decent movie
by Prashanth DSouza on Aug 28, 2012 03:23 PM

This is a well made movie, though I agree with the reviewer that the songs are misplaced and in fact they don't add to the story. However, the acting is above par, and the movie tries to do away with stereotypes, which makes it a fresh watch, even if the story is a tad predictable.

Boman and the rest of the cast really put their backs into it, and the results show. It is a movie which has a lot of underlying messages, which are not stated and need to be understood with respect to the narrative itself.

Also stereotypes such as young heroes with six pack abs are challenged, with the hero being a person in the mid-40s who is not successful with women (due to his unconventional job) and also boasts of a family pack around his waist. There are no apologies for all this, and that's what makes it an eminently watchable movie. Although the movie will not challenge and change Bollywood's stereotypes, it is still nice to see it cock a snook at the typical masala films.

If you are the type who has a taste for Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller's type of movies, this might just work for you.

If you need to get your masala fix, music, hunks, babes and vendetta, this might not be the right movie for you.

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by Ragini on Aug 27, 2012 08:39 PM

rocks the movie! Farah shudn't have been casted. Couldn't they pick a Parsi female lead - Perizad Zorabian or Gul Panaag?

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Homi Irani
nice movie
by Homi Irani on Aug 27, 2012 02:55 PM

good time pass, paisa vasool

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not interested in
by Tamilan on Aug 27, 2012 09:46 AM

50's love...

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i want to see Finding NEMO 3D
by Aditya on Aug 26, 2012 05:57 PM  | Hide replies

i want to see Finding NEMO 3D...heard it ssuperb and one of the best 3D animated movies....rajeev masand from cnn ibn told its a movie beyond rating and one shud not miss this movie at any cost...cannot wait to watch it.

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Re: i want to see Finding NEMO 3D
by Tamilan on Aug 27, 2012 09:47 AM
nice choice.. must watch

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Farah khan is miscast
by howudoudo on Aug 26, 2012 04:56 PM

is what other reviews say.

I have not watched the movie.

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stephen dmello
sooo good
by stephen dmello on Aug 26, 2012 02:28 PM

watched this movie yesterday...

It is not excellent to give 4.5 star rating, but watcheable, entertaining & paisa wasool movie...

Regarding acting, Farah Khan is average, but rest all the cast are excellent & i give 3.5 star... Go for it & enjoy !!!

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Kolhapur Ratna
Shirin Farad ... is one of the best movies of Indian Cinema
by Kolhapur Ratna on Aug 26, 2012 06:07 AM  | Hide replies

Shirin Farad ... is one of the best movie of Indian Cinema. It will be considered all the great movie and it will be in all time top 3 movie along with Guru Dutts Pyasa. The acting of Farah Khan is simply superb and she has shown with her acting skills that she is best actress in the world. I am sure this movie will break into 300 Crore club soon. I request government of India to give 100% tax break to the movie so that every Indian can watch this all time great movie. I request the concerned authorities to send this movie as India's entry at Oscars. I am sure this movie will sweep all the oscars and set a new record.

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Re: Shirin Farad ... is one of the best movies of Indian Cinema
by howudoudo on Aug 26, 2012 04:53 PM
Nice Sarcasm!!!

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