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Review: 22 Female Kottayam is interesting

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afzal aziz
Good movie
by afzal aziz on Sep 12, 2012 12:23 PM

Watched it and liked the way the story evolved.
Really different from family targeted melodramas being chucked out recently

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varsha das
about 22 female kottayam
by varsha das on May 10, 2012 04:28 AM  | Hide replies

its an anti-social film. tessa has no moral right to make a revenge. she is on the immoral traffic early. she is totally against the conventional paths of a keralite. she lives with a guy just came in friend ship with out a lawful manner. in such a life style what a girl hasto face that she faces. thats all. out of this all of the males are womanizers.

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Chandran KR
Re: about 22 female kottayam
by Chandran KR on Aug 31, 2013 01:38 PM
The courts have recognized live-in relationship.

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Subith Premdas
Re: about 22 female kottayam
by Subith Premdas on May 20, 2012 02:05 PM

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good movie
by rari on Apr 20, 2012 01:38 PM

very good movie...

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jijith jijith
22 female ktm- feedback
by jijith jijith on Apr 18, 2012 01:34 PM  | Hide replies

Quite interesting, new style of story telling and script also very good.The new comer Abhilash seems to be a promising asset to the industry.kudos to all.Very good work.jijith

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me m
Re: 22 female ktm- feedback
by me m on Apr 22, 2012 11:00 AM
But the script is too similar to that of Ek Hasina thi to be considered coincidental

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dinker radhakrishnan
seems like
by dinker radhakrishnan on Apr 17, 2012 11:58 AM  | Hide replies

malayalam films have got "sapamoksham" finally.for quite some time we were lagging behind Tamil and other quality films due to a variety of reasons.WIth salt n pepper,ordinary,22FK,EE adutha kaalathu,traffic etc it seems golden era is back ie STORY AND MOVIE SELLS AND NOT STARS?GIMMICKS/VULGARITY

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Re: seems like
by suppandi on Apr 17, 2012 02:07 PM
That means tamil industry sells gimmicks and vulgarity

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