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Review: Rivaaz is tragically funny

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pavan pandey
Good subject, worst treatment
by pavan pandey on Jul 31, 2012 01:44 PM

Last night I watched the film and I am sorry to say that I find completely agreeing with this review. Although appreciating a film is a subjective matter, we can expect a minimum sensibility from the audience to differentiate between a sensible and non-sense film.

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the bitter life of Bedia tribe women exposed... in Rivaaz
by Rishi on Oct 07, 2011 12:57 AM

the story line is quite good and moreover its a fact which girls are facing in this tribe , i wonder why the review has been rated so bad , no doubt the director has failed to meet expectation of people , could not extract the acting skills inspite of seasoned actors associated in the film..But its a daring move to launch this movie...

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asdf jkl
The Worst
by asdf jkl on Sep 21, 2011 08:49 AM

The worst movie I ever tried to watch.
The reviewer has given it No Rating. I would give it in -ve. Ugly..dirty...

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Salute to Rivaaz
by madhav on Sep 17, 2011 12:00 PM

I have also seen this movie lastnight.
Film is good. New approch by new director and some interesting scenes. Good songs.

Background music is not that great for such a high caliber film.

I read the review by some critics of pakistani film BOL and went to see it , but was hiighly diapointed.

this rivaaz is better than bol, in terms of common man appeal like me and you.

It is a good subject taken after long time.with good actors all around except the main lovers.

I have my support to all those worked for Rivaaz and salute them specially vijay bhai and deepti naval ji.

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Good Movie Versus Bad Review
by suhana on Sep 17, 2011 11:41 AM

Guys ! This is something Abnormal. Everyone including me who watched this film are appricating the movie inspite of the hardness of the film, on the otherhand so called bollywwod crtics writers ( god knows who gave them rights to decide something on behalf of 130 crore population).

This is an Example of how a movie of such a bold subject can be made withot unnecesary vulgarity and nudity.

Eventough it is Adult certified there were many famliy and female viewers in the theater.

Good Movie, good direction , Good Songs
bad languages used could have been milder.

Films like this does not come every now and then. But with a little more effort from the director it could have been a film to showcase.

Watch it guys..

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savitri pothal
Dared To BARE.
by savitri pothal on Sep 17, 2011 11:21 AM

Atleast Some one dared to bare the bitter truth happeing in our society.

Film is Okey. I thought it will be boring like any festival films but to my surprise the film has much stuff for general people.

Its not at all bad. Could definitely have been better. but the purpose of the film is solved and message is passed to all if us about the bad traditions happeing out in our villages.

surprising, hurting, insulting, bitter all these words apply to rivaaz and that makes it diffrent from other films we have seen from past 4-5 years.

one should see it and decide it by him self.

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Tina varma
Good Movie
by Tina varma on Sep 16, 2011 02:04 PM

I Liked the movie. Reviewers like this guy (PATHAK) wont like it because it is not their cup of tea. Everytime some one tries to bring a issue against the society let it be shyam benegal, madhur, or raj kapoor these so called reviewers tried to pull them down.

they have always supported garbage stuff with big names associated because they get their share.

we must support the people who fight for us by showing the ugly side of our soceity in public.

good effort from rivaaz actors

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rani sibali
Review or Grudgeview?
by rani sibali on Sep 16, 2011 01:42 PM

This review looks like grudgefull statement. May be Ankur Pathak has some personal problems with The Makers.

He is a male so the movie must be hitting under his belt. Male Ego....

Me and my freinds just watched it 10.15 show and came back to work. It is a good movie. What is shown in the film is real and happening. i personally know some villages.

Somebody has atleast taken a stand in favour of females who are are being exploited.

People please see by your self and then decide who is MAD DOG. The Reviewer or the Maker.

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