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Review: Singham is for Ajay Devgn fans only

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these reviwers must watch only parallel films
by gundappa on Jul 28, 2011 03:57 PM

Like films by great directors like Girish Kasarvalli , Shyam Benegal , etc. These revewers are wasting free passes given by commercial movie producers.

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charu gupta
Ajay - The legend
by charu gupta on Jul 27, 2011 03:45 PM

Actually Reviewer was also Angry young man when he joined the critics but soon after he became moneky of SRK...na acha dekho,na acha bolo and na acha suno.....i dont knw why all are against Ajay....he deserves national award for his superb acting,films free from exposers,clean story line with masseges...I am shocked when ajay is not nominated in in recent IIFA awards but SRK won the title for his superb bekar movie...My name is khan...i m not against SRK////but he shuld accept this also that Ajay is much better than him in every role....Ajys is legand who never show off like SRK does on stage in every stage function....
this movie is superb and every one in hall applaused this movie.....pls go and watch the movie...

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Kanu Singh
Some Personal Opinion and ideas
by Kanu Singh on Jul 26, 2011 03:52 PM  | Hide replies

If Rohit and his team had put a little more imagination, I think the climax could have been superb. As the reviewer pointed out that the villain was killed unethically, whereas the movie was about upholding law and morals. So it kind of creates a divide between viewers, one man hero becomes other man villain and vice-versa.

Also the villain can say to hero that just like you got reasons to kill me unlawfully, I was also having the reasons to kill the people, I did. So you are no better than me, in fact I am not dying, I am living through you now!

To avoid this kind of arguments, Rohit build a very good case but somehow missed the final Masala twist!!

The villain was boasting all through the movie that he made a Policeman shot himself in the head, so at the end there could have been physical struggle between Hero and Villain on the roundabout, in which villain gun falls away from his hand. He than snatches the gun of Singham and point on his head and say I was unable to make you shoot yourself but anyway I am contented with shooting you myself and then bang!!

The Villain heads blow-off and he falls to Ground, for the final showdown Singham deliberately kept a gun in his holster which fire backwards!! No-one killed the Villain, his own actions and intentions did, so no-one to blame!!

Life is not always beautiful, sometimes shit happens and to keep yourself clean, you let the shit backfire itself!!

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Saurabh Mehra
Re: Some Personal Opinion and ideas
by Saurabh Mehra on Apr 25, 2012 02:48 PM
there's no gun that fires backwards, what nonsense yaar

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Why Ajay Devgan???
by Jaysingh on Jul 26, 2011 02:52 PM  | Hide replies

No other actor in hindi film industry has got a repeat value(no. of directors wants to work with him)the way ajay got it. I mean I am surprised that nobody even thought of writing a article on it. Once a director does a movie with this class actor, he wants to repeat ajay again. heres d statistics:
1. Rajkumar Santoshi: Lajja, Legend of Bhagatsingh, Halla bol & Power
2. Prakash Jha: Dil Kya Kare, Gangaajal, Apaharan, Rajneeti
3. Ramgopal Verma: Company, Bhoot, RGV ki aag
3. Milan Lutharia: Kacchhe Dhaage, Chori Chori, Once Upon A Time in Mumbai
4. Rohit Shetty: Zammen, Golmaal 1 2 3, All the best, Singham, Bol Bachchan
5. Harry Baweja: Dilwale, Diljale, Deewane, Qayamat, Main aisa hi hun
6. Annes Bazmee: Haqeeqat, Pyar to hona hi tha, deewangi
7. Priyadarshan: Aakrosh, Tezz
8. David Dhavan: Hum Kisi se kam nahi, movie with Sanju n Manisha, Rascals
9. Vishal Bharadwaj: Omkara, movie with Anushka
10. Ashwani Dhir: Atithi tum kab jaoge, movie with Sonakshi-sos
N many oh his old movies.
Above all are Top Notch Directors in Bollywood. I dont think any actor has got such a huge repeat value.

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Re: Why Ajay Devgan???
by PARSHAN on Aug 16, 2014 03:39 PM

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shashin shobhane
Re: Why Ajay Devgan???
by shashin shobhane on Jul 27, 2011 02:39 PM
Good Yaar...even Ajay will be happy to see your stat...awesome dude..

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alex daniel
Re: Re: Why Ajay Devgan???
by alex daniel on Jul 27, 2011 07:24 PM
Always thought of Ajay Devgan as a very bankable star along with being a fantastic actor. Your research work above more than proves that... Good work

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Pat Thakur
Re: Re: Re: Why Ajay Devgan???
by Pat Thakur on Jul 27, 2011 11:04 PM
Yes, good research. But the icing on the cake is taken by Ajay for Bhagat Singh. The role was born for him.

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Pat Thakur
Sample this
by Pat Thakur on Jul 25, 2011 08:43 PM

a) The politicians are the guilty party. As Shikre says toward the end of the film -- from 1947 to 2011 no minister has been arrested in India for crime and corruption.

That's not true. Raja, Kalmadi, Kanimozhi are all latest proofs.

b) The film makes it very clear -- without the existence of Singham, the good cop, India has no hope. I wonder why no has thought of making him the president or the prime minister of the country!

I for one would uphold this statement that an upright person should be made Prez or PM of India & w/o whom, there's literally no hope. The present PM is a clown of a politician. & of the Prez, the less said the better.

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bunty nayak
by bunty nayak on Jul 25, 2011 06:40 PM  | Hide replies


u just watch prakash rai's acting in the movie.
it's gr8.

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Pat Thakur
by Pat Thakur on Jul 25, 2011 08:39 PM
why? just because he's a lungi & from your state? what bias! & still we call ourselves secular?

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Message deleted by moderator
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alex daniel
by alex daniel on Jul 27, 2011 07:26 PM

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mamata a
Nice movie and its for everyone
by mamata a on Jul 25, 2011 06:05 PM

I just saw the movie - Its really nice and clean - with a good message - to be honest and believe in our abilities and to stand by what is right - and its for everyone !

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pravin gavali
singham rockssssssssssss
by pravin gavali on Jul 25, 2011 06:03 PM

its realy nice action with comedy movie nice perfomance by ajay devgan i like so muchhhh

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