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Dileep gets serious with Orma Maathram

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Kalyan Kumar
Dileep--All for an Award
by Kalyan Kumar on Jul 12, 2011 07:21 PM  | Hide replies

Actor Dileep achieved almost anything despire his struggling initial years as a mimicry artiste; Assistant film director (something like a production boy) and sideroles then to hero; box office hits; producer and a fixer in the film artists Union AMMA. But he never got an Award even though Prithviraj--a late comer with no deep cultural groundings in the Kerala life walked away with an award.

Dileep is desperate for an award. Fellow mimicry artiste turned film actor Salim Kumar became the best actor at the national level with a Bharat being added to his name.

So hope this movie is a journey and strugle to win an award. All the best.

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Re: Dileep--All for an Award
by Zeng on Jul 13, 2011 05:55 PM
Prithviraj--a late comer with no deep cultural groundings in the Kerala --> That is a joke, especially when you talk about someone who is born to malayalee parents and studeied in Kerala. BTW, from when is 'deep cultural groundings in the Kerala' became a requirement for award? For people like you, no amount of mimicry and buffoonery will get you an award. For someone with no personality, no looks, no physical attributes, Dileep is lucky to be a hero and a star. Unfortunately, he achived it not with hardwork or talent, only by playing politics, licking the right... etc. May be this guy will show his talent again in buying an award.

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Re: Re: Dileep--All for an Award
by AG B on Jul 14, 2011 02:20 PM
Prithvi is blessed with the looks, family background and attitude to be a star.
But fandom shoul dnot blind logic.. Dileep has attained his current position as Popular Hero by way of sheer hardwork. He did a film with all the artistes - anybody having even a small amount of ego couldnt have done that because one needs to beg the call sheet of so many artists.. Even the president of association Innocent cudnt achieve it for 2 years. Dileep bravely tookup and completed in reasonable time. Also he has done few of the roles like a hunch back, transvestite etc which even the superstars havent done.. These performances were neglected with a justification that they are all comedy films.. The amount of effort he has put in them is tremendous.. He deserved an award atleast for Kunikoonan and Chanthupottu.. The most profitable star of 2010 is foregoing his salary and valuable call sheet to act in a film which will invite attention from the so called serious people - give me one reason why he does not deserve?????

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Umesh CG
Re: Re: Dileep--All for an Award
by Umesh CG on Jul 13, 2011 07:04 PM
That guy is said right thing about Prithviraj. Though he is born and brought up in Kerala, Prithviraj lacks bond of cultural groundings in Kerala. Naturally, because, though in Kerala, he studied in Sainik School and after that in Australia. Also he belongs an Elite family. Whatever he got is, always with a Silverspoon. If you have still doubt, please read any of his interviews. Your doubt will be cleared.

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