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Raja Sen reviews Delhi Belly

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what a rubbish movie
by radicalred on Jul 23, 2011 09:07 PM

wasted 15 $ on a crappy movie.. guys show me some comedy in the movie.. i would have laughed only for 3 or 4 times in the entire movie..

mr director.. did u think that by adding wtf all along the movie, people will get laugh is it ? other than wtf, btd there is nothing in the movie..
i think people who are not used to hearing such words in public(considering that such things are still taboo in many parts of india) might get some laugh.. otherwise it is a rubbish worthless movie..

0.5 stars from me..

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Great Entertainment
by Zoeb on Jul 17, 2011 05:00 PM

Yeah, Delhi Belly was loads of fun.
96 minutes long and I never felt that it was boring or slow.
Raja, you say that the English was unnatural.
I loved it when the guys pouted out cuss words and the Hindi dialogue was good in its limited use.
Skeptics and pigheaded people, sorry and apologies. But those, who are open minded and want something different, watch this amazing movie!
Indian Cinema has its true freedom now.

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Awsome Movie
by bejoy on Jul 12, 2011 12:20 PM

The movie is much better than the stereotype movies of SRK, Akshay and all other dumbs...
Being a south indian and diehard fan of Aamir khan, i enjoyed the english version of the movie.... Far far better than the golmaal and other pathetic hindi movies..

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Vajresh Thakur
by Vajresh Thakur on Jul 08, 2011 04:15 PM  | Hide replies

english doesnt work here, period!..may b the 'simi garewals' must have loved it, "u know"

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Re: true
by optima on Jul 11, 2011 10:23 AM
er i have said this in numerous forum, but still cant resist, here goes......
Simi garewals looks YOUNGEr than Deepika sonalakshi's etc of bollywood : ))

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anwar pasha
Youth movie
by anwar pasha on Jul 08, 2011 12:49 PM

The languge used in movie walger, but those words were daily used i think this is new era of film making, do any thing, but make it watchable

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Delhi Belly is totally a rubbish
by RAJESH AGRAWAL on Jul 08, 2011 09:25 AM

I think our filmmaker have no line for positive, healthy thinking to provide a good cinema for our simple misguiding society, actually this movies is the example of dirty mentally of all our so call super heroes , we
want to be follower of them for good culture but they are giving us so bad thinks,styles and
culture to our young. very bad, i think this film should this film should to throw into dustbin because that is right place and no one should support such thinking.

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by nick on Jul 07, 2011 01:51 AM  | Hide replies

The thing that really bugs me is why English is the first choice for the characters to speak in and it is then further dubbed to Hindi??!!! For the Indian masses its really inconvenient,,,i mean iv never seen French or Japanese movies first spoken in English and then dubbed in their native respective languages...

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Re: raja
by Amit on Jul 07, 2011 08:42 AM
I think its time we realize that English is the most commonly spoken langugage when you consider the whole of India. Govt Offices, railways, public transports, all documents, all schools, all are in English - need more proof?

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Re: Re: raja
by M S on Jul 07, 2011 01:11 PM
English the most spoken? I wonder if you are living in a parallel universe. All forms etc. are in English for ease of communication. I guess non-urban India does not count?!

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nick gay
Re: Re: Re: raja
by nick gay on Jul 07, 2011 08:01 PM
@amit,,,there r no hard feelings for the language,, i mean i too am writing in english,,,
My hint is towards the movie being made much for the convenience of the international audience; and the negligence of the indian masses altogether,,,raja sen has talked bou the unnaturality of the choice,,, as far as the movie is concerned,,,on the whole,, its verbal jousting all along

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Dear Raja
by M S on Jul 06, 2011 02:31 PM

I don't always agree with you but I like the way you take the trouble to dissect a movie and point out why you think so about the film. I have no desire to see Delhi Belly and your review only strengthens that resolve. We seem to have been bitten by the 'me too' culture -- if only speaking swear words made one mature. I saw the trailer and the few seconds of Vijay Raaz showed it was a remarkable performance. He is grossly unutilised. If I ever do see this movie it will be for him.

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Raja Sen
by Amit on Jul 06, 2011 11:53 AM

So you suggest, Golmaal 2 and Full control give us laughter and giggles?! Alicia Silverstone in HBO? did they just defroast you?!! are you still in 90s!!

For all practical purpose, the movie was a welcome breath of difference than the typical hindi bogus songfilled, humorless bollywood stuff, aka SRK movies! (which I am sure Raja appreciates more than anything)

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