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Review: This Hornet stinks

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Sameer M
Re: Green Hornet:nice start to the year 2011
by Sameer M on Jan 17, 2011 03:17 PM
I agree with BS. Watched the movie yesterday and it was gr8 fun. Its different from the traditional superhero movies, but the director wanted it to be like this and it worked. We could hear roars of laughter from the crowd in the theater .Very hilarious and gr8 action too. Watch it guys, its worth the money. Do not listen to this guy called P*lvis, He probably hasn't being paid by the filmmakers.

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Mr. Elvis D'Formula
by AP on Jan 15, 2011 12:57 PM

Yes Elvis, all superhero movies HAVE to have a superhero that we all love....sooooo concerned about Truthiness, Justice and All Good Things!!! The sidekick has to be a sidekick and not be the superhero himself. So if Seth Rogen has human frailities like boozing, cowardice, cussing and a bad fitness routine, he just cannot be a superhero in the world according to DC/Marvel. This is a movie about two unlikely guys - a waster and a Asian-American who can barely speak English (take a running jump, Alfred!!) who are absolutely unlike any superhero you will ever see. But nooo, Mr. Elvis hates it when the formula is wrong.

If anything, I was only disappointed that there was no more humor in the movie. Seth Rogen should have done a mission stoned!!!

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What nonsense? This is a good movie....critics gave thumbs up!!!!
by simpitfan@rediffmail.com on Jan 14, 2011 11:18 AM  | Hide replies

I dont know who the hell is this writer Elvis DSilva....and what is his background and what he understands of movies....Everywhere the reviews of Green Hornet are very encouraging and critics have given it a thumbs up....its a different kind of superhero movie where the law is broken to make it better...q
Elvis had thrashed Megamind too....I had seen megamind in IMAX...its an awesome movie, great animation, good story, everything was good about the movie...rottentomatoes (site where all critics all around the world review movies) has also given it a thumbs up...
Rediff stop this jerk to review movies...he does not know abc of what is a good movie.

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Sreejith Sasi
Re: What nonsense? This is a good movie....critics gave thumbs up
by Sreejith Sasi on Jan 14, 2011 01:55 PM
Check out in RottenTomatoes, you can see it hardly holds 21% fresh rating from Top Critic, and a total of 41% approval. So that means, Elvis thinks the same way as most of the others.

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